Think Global, Act Rural (2010) – Planet “Grim” Earth


In social life, we don’t know a wild law where you eat or be eaten by other humans. We just don’t know such the law. In wild or rain forests, these wild laws apply very closely. And if these laws don’t have ties with each other, it’s also having a close impact on humans. What we always say is a food chain, a linear network of links in a food web from producer to organisms. You can connect grass to the tree through radiation from the sun so that it can produce a portion of food for humans to eat. You can find it in even the smallest lives like bacteria where they help humans use a decomposed. Humans are indeed the highest level in the food chain but also we don’t know a wild law.

In the movie “The Lion King“, we are taught how forests and nature have their paths in making Earth so alive. All of the universes always have a divine and it represents unlimited energy for humans and other creatures, both docile, wild, large, horned, fanged, and the smallest cells. Natural web interconnections between food, animals, and humans are a common metric so that the food chain can be formed again. We become consumerism and simultaneously become producers. The entire web explains how energy is born from certain diagrams, not just like such ways.

“Think Global, Act Rural” is a French documentary directed by Coline Serreau. It examines the horror of how industrialism and capitalism become the world’s fields and diseases for humans. It’s not beneficial for anyone especially Earth. But, it’s more like what if a bond from the food chain or how nature can’t come back to life again in the circle of life disappears from existence. Above all, it’s more like a grim portrayal of humans and the world. It’s about more than 100,000 Indian farmers who committed suicide, about a rural abandoned in French, about a generation without material, about the dominance of agriculture, comparative, and so on. There is a dead soil because of a modern tool, destroying the soil, and making plants sick.

We see this point of view from a variety of ordinary people, a philosopher, a professor, and a farmer. Watching this commentary doesn’t answer thousands of questions in this film. And if you insist, it’s not your fault either. The movie is more made to ask how Earth and humans have an important role in the face of it. You ask about gender equality especially the role of men and women in dealing with Earth and agriculture. But, you always hear and compare how every decade, Earth doesn’t look like it is any longer. In this film, you see how humans always think easily and quickly, using a lot of modern technology is damaging the Earth and how pesticides are an absence of farmland.

“Think Global, Act Rural” reaches its peak to recognize if we live on land it would be rich in nature and everything. It’s so-called Earth, one of the few living planets we live in now. This movie is more about the smallest things. When we forget such the smallest thing, Earth will gradually begin to have little impact on what we are always eating today. Every day, humans need to eat and food comes from resources and energy. If there isn’t just consumption, humans will never grow strong let alone build all aspects of what makes the Earth damaged.

With multinational corporations that owned and under control on everything, they always thought about what was the fastest way. We don’t see who else is in the realm of farmers. Instead, we just think about how food produces something efficient, tasty, healthy, productive, and sustainable. Agriculture experts also think that Earth can still be saved. The answer is only one and it is in the title of the movie. Global thinking and acting rural is the only way to save the Earth, humans, animals and other creatures.

I don’t know if this is a bad movie just because you understand such a simple topic can be one of the most complex topics you have ever heard. Maybe. it’s because you hate how women are the reason to die so that the Earth is safe. There is an in-between in them and I always admire Vandana Shiva and her ecofeminism ideology about the world. Even though I didn’t study deep, I learned how Shiva is one of the most important figures at this time, especially in the ecocritic sphere.

On the other hand, I can’t say either if this is a memorable documentary movie. To be honest, I don’t remember what just happened in this movie other than acknowledging the topic and adore the theme. But, frequently, I get invested in the messages. For a documentary, there is cheap editing especially at the end of the movie when they put pop songs for the most complicated things. There is a sequence where I can’t say it makes no sense and vice versa. When it comes to foreign dialogue, the movie inconsistently used the interpreter on screen. It directly reads from the subtitle only; there is a ridiculous thing about it especially when subtitles and interpreters exist in the same place. But, the interpreter wasn’t very useful because we understand it through subtitles.

“Think Global, Act Rural” is simple yet complex. It’s one of the most important documentaries for us. You witnessed how the people in this film were trying to restore and maintain our sanity. As not as we don’t damage the Earth again, we still have it. Yeah, I know, you still have the toxicity in specific parts and people. But, such toxicity seems alright or even a fact in the first place. Just watch it, comprehend it one by one, and give input to the movie. Only humans can save the Earth.