The Office: Season Two (2005) – House of Gold

While people keep rooting at the British version of “The Office”, they also quite skeptical about the US version. I think this version of Greg Daniels, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant proved that they were getting better. Turns out, season two really quick turns me on with this season. I want to watch this such a brilliant show more. The UK version is really bleak and quite depressing the slice of life of these characters. They don’t just take more material than the original. Steve Carell’s Michael Scott turns into one of the scumbags amazing bosses at this point.

This season has a lot of comedic of gold, especially Michael’s life in socializing with his friends and his life of romantic misadventures. He was like a loop, still disturbing his friends while accidentally having closer relations with his boss, Melora Hardin as Jan. Rainn Wilson as Dwight, in some way, created his own world in his mind. Yet, I still hope how he is still in the first place while holding his laugh. It’s just a lovable character that you want to randomly disturb him as well for a bunch of reasons. To be able to make you laugh, just see this character as the most random thing ever.

Dwight is just a star in this show. He was the most insane character with a lot of complexity in himself despite being a normal nerd in his office. He is still a weeb who also loves his senpai so much. Jim always pranked Dwight and it was just an endless loop of this ridiculous manipulation. But, he is just an oddball character especially when he acts like a dictator, because of Jim, when he was appointed as a public speaker.

Of course, I’ll never forget how charming, sweet, and painful the relationship between Jim and Pam. I’m not too obsessed with TV series characters itself except for anime only. But, their chemistry makes me want to see their love story further. This is so depressing to watch especially when it comes to Jim who is very upside down with his feelings. While on the other hand, Pam is just his best friend and on the other hand, Jim just wants to bury his deep feelings and choose to move on. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, in the end, show their heart, soul, and chemistry more than a romance film in general. It seems that too, Roy is the third person here.

The rest of the casts consist of Paul Lieberstein as Toby who became Michael’s scapegoat in his office. There is Brian Baumgartner as Kevin as a more focusing character, B.J. Novak as Ryan and Mindy Kaling as Kelly who underwent an awkward romance, and Craig Robinson as Darryl’s our reason why we watch this show.

Season two of “The Office” really caught me up more than that, a quality of standard from the slice of life sitcom comedy. But, it’s not really a comedy at all because I like to root all these characters. And just like that, I hope to see everything from the perspective of these characters differently.

4.5 out of 5 stars.