Big Order (Spring 2016) – Desolation

Okay, I have seen worse than this. It’s one of those shows you want to squeeze it, you want to step on it, but even though you’ve done everything, you can’t. You cannot accept the reality of this world. You can’t accept that this show exists in the face of the earth. We want to destroy this artifact but as said, this relic cannot be destroyed because the force is strong with this one. Now, I’m starting to exaggerate here and not start in a promising way. But, you don’t know what this show feels like unless you have to watch it from the start. I have warned you if you like “Future Diary”, it’s better to just stay away. This is neither Yuno nor Yukiteru, by far, don’t come close though!

Now, it’s not that bad. I read the first volume of the manga and it’s pretty good actually. So, how can the tragedy of Sakae Esuno and Asread meet? I want to hear more details. First of all, why are we trying to approach and touch these relics? Even though we know how it travels and ends, we still want to touch this beautiful artifact. At first, it comes with one of the most badly written shows, the worst plot twist ever, the worst narrative ever, and so on. Yet, was this a satire? Was this a predecessor or tribute to “Future Diary”? Is this just a cheap way to use “from the Future Diary creator” as the marketing strategy? No, it isn’t. It could be, this is a “so bad it’s good” show. It’s another match made in heaven.

Apart from the characters in this show looks exactly like “Future Diary”, so, I tried to avoid the comparison. Like most people who review this anime as well, let’s not compared to that. So, where do we start? It starts with some parallel story, about an apocalypse destroyed a world. It caused by one of the flying chicks, I thought, I don’t know and I also a bit surprised what actually I saw. By the way, she granted permission to the main character to give him power according to a grant. Because of the request, this kid, unconsciously, has destroyed the world. His strength came because this kid was inspired by a cartoon he watched. Yes, you heard it. The world has been destroyed by a cartoon. Really?

Into the future exactly 10 years later, the world has been in chaos after a giant calamity makes society even worse. Yet, in this apocalyptic, would you think the people on this show were trying to survive? Of course, it’s not. This isn’t a survival game show or anything. The main character and other kids live their daily lives by going to school. Like, okay, I guess? Because, if the apocalypse happens, I still wake up in the morning while dressing neatly in my uniform and going to school as usual. No matter what just happened, I’ll stay in school. And their school is just like normal, with no damage or anything. Likewise hospitals and others. Other houses and everything is still good. So, why have their attention been very much focused on this 10 years catastrophe? I don’t know.

Sigh, anyway, the flying chick I mentioned earlier, her name is Daisy. Yes, I understand why she gave random wishes to random people. I understand why the main character was the scapegoat and a puppet doll in this situation. Because all of those are explained to the end; and I understand it deeply. Do I have to rewatch again because I didn’t understand at all, I saw it wrong? No. If you want to see a show because you want some rabbit ears, some sex scenes, or some topless heroine, then this is for you, my friend.

Next, Eiji, yes, it’s his name, is the main character in this anime. Let me tell you, this is one of my most hated main characters ever. Do you think Kirito is still the goat? Hell, it makes Kirito looks like Yamcha. The think about himself is so annoying. His motive, his characteristic, his backstory with his sister, everything about him. When Rin Kurenai (yeah, she was similar to her) attacked him, Eiji as our anti-hero put a lot of hatred in this world. His sister was kidnapped and still doesn’t accept the facts, initially, if he is the one who caused this apocalypse. His strength seems overpowered but this is like a poor version of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” and “Code Geass”. He can control anyone, manipulate the feelings of others, and control others.

Yeah, I realized I wasn’t watching “Code Geass” at all because Lelouch had a clear motive, firstly vague, but I understood why he was in the first place. Eiji only has one motivation: to save his sister, whom he “loves” very much, “loves” very much. I don’t know why I mention and put the quote into the word twice, he really loves his sister. He takes all her burdens, always takes care of her, and… he makes love with her. Don’t make me say it again. Just, “Sweet Home Alabama”. My mind suddenly floated.

The most ridiculous part is when Eiji manipulates Rin’s feelings and controls her. He said that he would marry her and would never kill him again. Actually, what do you expect from Eiji? When the world is in disaster, the world scapegoats himself, everything he can think of after peace was in his hand is his sister. I mean… it’s just… I-I don’t know the truth anymore. I stammered with this. What’s this meaningless life?

Okay, I dare to be honest the opening theme song is actually pretty good but the ending theme song is just not really memorable. The plot is just so random. Seems like the writer and the director argue: “okay, let’s put this plot into this sub-plot. Let’s put a pointless love romance story and some naked heroine. Put these characters in here, these sex scenes in here, and make the antagonist seem like a douchebag”. Everything in this show is just beyond any of your beliefs, beyond any of common sense. And I would bet that some unstable edgy kid on the internet, or on the street, certainly likes it. But, I want to be honest, the great part is when Eiji touches Iyo’s ribbon ears. When this scene came, the suicide rate dropped to 90%. But, our brain cells suddenly disappear.

To be honest, I don’t know anymore. However, I read one of the top reviews on MyAnimeList for this anime and it was so funny. So funny, I admit. However, what are the rules, wisdom, lessons, benefits after watching this show? Does this show teach us about love to your sister? Do you have to impregnate women by touching their ears? Well, both of them cannot be answered. I think this show is trying to make you think how complex humans are and a worse depiction of war like in Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five”. Or maybe, this show is equivalent to all Stanley Kubrick works, have to think beyond imagination. Maybe also, this show tries to manipulate its own narrative, equivalent to David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest”. Clearly, “Big Order” is nothing, nothing in everything, and lack of everything.

2 out of 5 stars.