What is PuplabsFreshBreathies ?

A product called Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can help you deal with all the issues your dog is dealing with. It is a chemical-free product that was created using only premium components. This product has already been used by many people on their dogs, and they all had good things to say about it.
This product is easily available from the Only Official website and will shield your dog from the negative consequences.

Wheat, maize, and artificial chemicals that could be detrimental to your dog’s health in any manner are not present in this product. Give your dog a tablet to chew every day if he doesn’t exceed 50 pounds in weight. Give your dog two chewable tablets daily if he weighs more than 50 pounds.

There won’t be as much mess to clean up in the yard because Fresh Breathies encourages a healthy microbiota and digestion! No of its age, your dog will be happier, healthier, and more active for you!

Why Choose Puplabs Fresh Breathies™ ?


No of the age or breed, all dogs can benefit from using Fresh Breathies. Fresh Breathies manages bad dog breath from the inside out by using only the best natural ingredients. How? by providing your dog’s digestive system with beneficial, prebiotic fibre that can help repair the harm done to it. As a result, the dog is content and healthy, and more time is spent creating lifelong memories rather than worrying.


The National Animal Supplement Council, or NASC, is a nonprofit organisation whose goal is to safeguard the health of our pets. They accomplish this by keeping an eye on producers to make sure they use the best, highest-quality ingredients. Customers can use the seal to ensure that they are dealing with a highly respectable business when they purchase a product. Now that obtaining this mark of approval is quite challenging, you can rest easy knowing that the product contains exactly what is listed on the label and nothing more or less.


Many dog products are loaded with hazardous and processed components including corn, wheat, and other grains. Because these chemicals are inexpensive for producers, they can sell more products for a higher profit. But given that dogs have not evolved to consume such processed, industrial diets, these elements are bad for your dog’s health. Your dog will only receive natural, beneficial, and tasty ingredients with Fresh Breathies!

How Puplabs Fresh Breathies Works ?

Fresh Breathies’ premium, all-natural components work together to properly freshen the dog’s breath from the inside out. The ingredients in Fresh Breathies provide a variety of strategies to enhance a dog’s digestive health. Each chew, for instance, includes a combination of prebiotic fibres that support a dog’s intestinal flora and gut microbiome.

Instead of dental health issues, digestive issues are the main cause of bad breath in dogs. If the dog’s digestive system is having problems breaking down the food it eats, bad breath may start to develop.

Fresh Breathies is likewise approved by the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council). The NASC monitors manufacturers to ensure that they are using the best, cleanest ingredients for dogs. It gives pet products more legitimacy and gives pet owners peace of mind knowing that the products are safe for their animals to consume.

How To Take PupLabs Fresh Breathies ?

Dogs under 50 lbs. should get one soft chew each day, while larger dogs should get two soft chews daily. According to Pup Labs, one chew is advised for every 50 pounds of body weight.

Puplabs Fresh Breathies Ingredients :

Only healthy components are used in Fresh Breathies for your dog’s overall nourishment. It contains five natural extracts that have been shown in studies to help dogs with inflammation and good gut flora. Each delicious treat is packed with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for a balanced diet and disease prevention in your dog.

The following ingredients are contained in each serving of Fresh Breathies:

Yucca Schidigera Extract :

Pet chow contains yucca extract to reduce excrement odour without causing any negative effects. Yucca extract reduces odours from the body, the breath, and the faeces. Therefore, there won’t be any more unpleasant dog odours. By improving mineral absorption, it also enhances gut health and digestion.

Parsley :

Dogs can benefit from parsley’s nutritional value as well as its ability to alleviate itching, freshen breath, and treat urinary tract infections. Parsley contains vitamin A, folic acid, and antioxidants. It promotes joint comfort, eases joint pain, and naturally freshens breath.

Champignon Mushroom Extract :

This supernutrient can support cardiovascular health, encourage a balanced microbiome, and lower inflammation. This strong extract is well known for its ability to fight cancer, germs, and viruses. They are abundant in sterols, proteins, and vitamins. Champignon extract has a number of important benefits, including intestinal tract deodorization, enhanced nutrition in dogs with lower immune systems, and the prevention of viral infections.

Spirulina :

Because it includes antioxidants, the important fatty acid GLA, and chlorophyll, spirulina is a nutritional powerhouse. Studies show that it’s also good for the heart and intestines’ health. It’s acceptable to give your dog 1/4 teaspoon per pound of food each day.

Cinnamon :

With its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and antibacterial characteristics, cinnamon has a number of health advantages that may be beneficial when used in moderation. Cinnamon can enhance cardiovascular and dental health when used in moderation. It encourages a balanced bacterial population in the mouth of your dog, resulting in clean, odourless kisses.

According to the Pup Labs firm, Fresh Breathies are produced in US facilities that adhere to all GMP regulations, are frequently checked for purity in batches, and contain no artificial chemicals, maize, or wheat.

PupLabs Fresh Breathies Benefits :

  • Enhances dental and oral health.
  • It enhances the body’s physical health and gives the dog a naturally powerful build.
  • It shields your dog from microorganisms, preventing premature ageing.
  • Additionally, it aids in lowering canine inflammation.
  • It relieves dogs’ scratching and itching.
  • It promotes the dog’s health, activity, and vitality.
  • It is advantageous for the dog’s cardiovascular system as well.
  • It enhances dogs’ digestive health.
  • It aids in the treatment of aching joints and increases the bone density in canines.
  • It lessens the dog’s offensive breath.
  • It has also had a favourable impact on preventing weight loss in dogs.
  • mprove the intestinal flora to help dogs with loose stools.


Frequently Asked Questions Puplabs Fresh Breathies :

What features do Puplabs Fresh Breathies have?

All dogs can use Fresh Breathies because they don’t include any corn, wheat, or artificial ingredients. The latter cannot be emphasised enough because its addition may cause dogs to acquire allergies if exposed frequently. Additionally, each batch only uses the best natural substances to combat unpleasant odour and eliminate its root cause. Did we mention that the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) has given its approval to the manufacturing facility? 

The NASC is a nonprofit organisation that works to safeguard the wellbeing and health of pets by keeping an eye on the manufacturing procedures.

How should Puplabs Fresh Breathies be administered?

One soft chew per day should be given to dogs under 50 lbs., while two soft chews per day should be given to dogs over 50 lbs. 

One chew is recommended for every 50 pounds of body weight, according to Pup Labs.

Is it better to consult a specialist before administering Puplabs Fresh Breathies?

Before introducing any new supplements to a pet’s diet, as with any dietary supplement, a veterinarian should be consulted. This is especially valid for animals that are taking medication right now.

What are the purported benefits of Puplabs Fresh Breathies?

Owners of pets will eventually find that Fresh Breathies may have:

Reducing gas and improving breathing encourage improved immunity and gastrointestinal health ,To prevent mushy stool, low energy, joint pain, and a thinning fur coat, support healthy digestion.

How long will it take to notice results under Puplabs Fresh Breathies?

Pet owners should notice a significant improvement in their dogs’ breath, body odours, stools’ consistency, and general energy during the first week. Positive changes in their conduct (calmer and less anxious/aggressive) might be expected as time goes on. Their coats will seem thicker and shiner after a few more weeks, and there will be less scratching and itching. Results, however, usually only hold up after being used for at least six months.

How long will it take to receive my shipment of Puplabs Fresh Breathies?

To process all incoming orders, Pup Labs needs no more than two business days. Within the continental United States, it may then take 3 to 5 business days to receive a shipment.

What if Puplabs Fresh Breathies don’t do the trick?

Fortunately, a 180-day money-back guarantee has been put in place for Fresh Breathies. 

Pet owners must contact customer support with a request for a full refund of the purchase price if they believe their pets saw little to no difference. 

Contact through to learn more about how the refund process works.

Phone: 1 (855) 207 7351

Return Address: 4th Floor, 1140 Highbrook St, Akron, OH 44301








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