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brain training for dogs
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Science Based Brain Training For Dogs

It’s a way to shape your Dog behaviors you want through a consistent, conditioned marker.

What is Brain Training For Dogs ?

The Most Important Thing about Brain Training 4 Dogs and the thing that I Liked the Most is that it is a Force Free Training. You don’t need to force your dog in any way or hurt him in any way. Just as the Name Suggests ” Brain Training”.

Before Buying This Course I used to feel that Dogs must be Trained by Showing Dominance or some kind where they are forced to do something in order to avoid any certain Punishment. That’s why I didn’t want to Train my Dog, Lol Foolish Me.

Due To Force-Free Training and Positive reinforcement, Dogs Feel Increased Thinking Capacity and Their Intelligence gets Increased as well. I Bought Adrienne Farricelli’s Course for 60$ Though Now its Cheaper with the link below.

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How does Brain Training for Dogs Work?

This Program is all About The Bonding and Trust that you and your Dog Will Share when you get into Training Phase. It Depends on the Way you start teaching him. As I said, at First you need to Be Patient And Gradually you will Observe Changes in your Dog’s Behavior that will make all the Hard Work worth all the Time you Invested.

So, at First Though you would need to Gain your Dog’s Trust and you will keep giving him Rewards(Treats) and Praises or Love when he Does Something that you say. As you keep Praising and Showing Love Towards your Dog as he Achieves Something that you instructed him, he will feel Motivated and work Harder Next Time.

This Course Teaches how you can do all this…From Building Trust in your Dogs Eyes to Slowly Make him or her Follow your command and then Going from Easy Tasks to Harder Ones Slowly and Smoothly.

Adrienne Farricelli also Busted a Myth in Brain Training for Dogs that Old Dogs cant Learn New Tricks. She Showed us Some Unique Techniques and ways by which you can also Train an Elder Dog. ( Like I Trained Heidi )

The Methods Taught by brain training for dogs adrienne farricelli  are Just Awesome and I believe they are Best in the World. Her Charming Personality will make you Mesmerized Towards her and I guess Dogs get as well ( That’s Why They Follow her 😛 ) . Check Out Her Video by Clicking Here

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why Brain Training For Dogs is so effective?

Braintrainingfordogs has worked for a number of owners experiencing different problems. From brain training for puppies to stopping annoying behavior, it has helped with a range of issues. Once they’re worked out it can create a more harmonious home for dog and dog owner.

If you’re experiencing serious issues like extreme aggression or psychological problems in your dog, you may want to see a specialist rather than rely on a training resource.

This course is more for owners facing common behavioral problems as it offers training techniques for dealing with a wide range of these.

What I loved most about the course was how it empowers the owners. They feel much more confident in their own abilities to control their dog’s behavior. Whereas if they had sent them to a dog training centre they could still feel unsure of themselves and how to handle bad behavior.

I also like how it focusses on mental challenges for dogs. This keeps their minds stimulated as well as teaching them to follow commands.

This course brings you a calmer, happier life with your dog.

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Inside Brain Training For Dogs?

Here some of their exclusive features for your convenience.

This system tries to revive dogs mentally

Create a strong connection with dogs

Don’t support dominance on pets by the name of controlling

Stimulate positive emotions among dogs

Address the nature of dogs reasonably and logically

Try to understand the core reason for unnatural behavior

Structure Of Brain Training For Dogs

The lessons in brain training for dogs are structured the same, without any differences.

Modules: Brain Training 4 Dogs 


You’ll need to read the materials provided to begin your dog brain training. These materials help you to understand what to expect, how to implement the program and the basics of dog training.

The Introduction is meant to set you up for success, so don’t over this module!

Obedience Lessons

Following the Introduction is the basic Obedience lessons. These lessons are easy to understand because Adrienne offers you multiple ways to train for many of the lessons. So, if your dog doesn’t catch on one way, don’t give up!

You can choose the way that works best for your dog’s learning. A few of the modules use props or things you mostly have already, to help you train if you’re going at this program alone.

First, you’ll see the needed supply and the main objective you should achieve for the particular lesson.

Module 1 Preschool

This is the key foundation module for the whole course and the first module after Obedience. In Preschool your dog learns how to draw on his impressive brainpower to become reliably obedient to your commands.

Inside the Preschool module, you’ll learn these essential skills:

‘Target Train’ so they keep their attention on you (but you can also use ‘targeting’ to teach other tricks, like opening a door for you!). Line 2

A secret way to help your dog learn to look right into your eyes for a solid communication foundation.

The beginning of the brain training games for dogs with the ‘airplane game’ to get your dog to look into your eyes and pay attention to you. Line 5

Trainer’s Tip: If you can master the ‘airplane game’ to get your dog making eye contact when indoors, then imagine what type of attention you can command outdoors!

Module 2 Elementary School

Module two is about improving your dog’s skills. Here you’ll learn how to train your dog to use his/her senses to execute your commands. This module features interesting games like treasure hunt, which taps on your dog’s natural instinct relieving boredom (a source of many bad dog behavior problems). This module also has a muffin game that keeps your dog mentally engaged and a ball pit game that directs your dog’s energy to play, making it easier to deal with him/her.

Module 3 High School

After elementary school comes to high school where your dog will learn about patience and impulse control. This module contains activities such as “jazz up and settle down” which teaches your dog to settle quickly after being hyped up, and “the bottle game” which help to provide mental stimulation and a small amount of brain training exercises for dogs.

Module 5 University (College)

Now, your dog enters the senior level of the training programme. He/she will already be super calm and obedient by this point so now it is time to move on to teaching them all about emotional and impulse control.

This level will help in making your dog a better-behaved dog by using the following games to teach him or her how to be more confident and resist temptation:

The “Hide & Seek” game is a fun game for both yourself and you dog. It helps to create a stronger bond between you and is great for helping dogs with issues when being left alone.

“The Look” game is designed to eliminate unwanted barking at others, especially when your dog is looking out of the window.

The fun and trouble-free “Hot & Cold Game” will boost up your dog’s spirit and will help to boost their learning ability as well.

Module 6 Graduation

Here the dog will develop advanced level motor skills and intelligence…to obey owners’ commands.

Inside you will discover:

Advanced leg-weaving skills to impress friends.

‘The Serpentines and spirals’ game to help the dog stick by owners’ side and follow their movements -no matter how erratic.

‘The name recognition’ game where the dog will learn to pick out toys by their name, to boost cognitive ability.

Module 7 Einstein (genius-level training games)

By now, you must have unleashed the hidden intelligence in your dog. Don’t you think your dog needs a graduation title to appreciate his dazzling talent?

But wait, there’s one more step to go.

The last module is all about arousing the genius guy inside your doggie and transferring some pro skills to him. To help, there are three activities:

The tidy up game

The ring stackers game

Play the piano game

With the first skill, your dog will get used to tidying up his play area once he finishes the play. On the other hand, the ring stacker game develops patience and skill – in one go!

Playing the piano, however, is the most exciting and mind-blowing part.

Your dog will play the piano on cue. Amazing, right?

When you finish all the modules successfully, you can now call your pooch an “Einstein Canine.”

brain training for dogs adrienne farricelli

Brain Training for Dogs Bonuses

As a part of the bonuses, you’ll get access to 9 training videos to teach your dog fun tricks that can also be show stoppers!

Use these to show off your abilities as a dog trainer and your dog’s amazing brain capacity!

Talk about a confidence boost for both of you!

Here are just some of the tricks you’ll learn to teach…

1. Rollover (Awesome for grooming requirements)

2. Speak (Excellent for barky dogs!)

3. Howl

4. Shake hands

5. Dance

6. Take a Bow

7. Play dead

The Mastermind of this Brain Training for Dogs

Adrienne Farricelli is a familiar name in the pet dog world. She is the mastermind of braintraining4dogs.

She is a CPDT-KA certified trainer of dogs and behavior consultants. She has been performing a tremendous job for more than ten years. Doesn’t it sound good?

Recently, The USA Today, The Daily Puppy, E-How, etc., have published a feature on her. You can also find her incredible writings on dog behavior in Every Dog magazine and APDT chronicle of the dog.

But are you aware of her secrets to Dog Training?

Farricelli is differentiable among others for her philosophy. Her unique force-less, free philosophy about training difficult pets and its success have made her a popular figure worldwide.

Adrienne farricelli dog training also works as a consultant for controlling dogs in the defense sector. Adrienne acts scientifically and kindly.

Adrienne farricelli brain training for dogs creates a win-win condition between the owner and pet by providing positivity to dogs. Hence, there is no chance to doubt her. You can rely on her without hesitations.

Why should you buy the program Brain Training For Dogs ?

Easy to follow but effective dog training program

You should also consider buying the program since all the information and techniques are easy to follow and effective. You don’t need to have advanced dog training information to follow what you should do to get the results you want. What’s more, you get battle-field tested and proven dog training methods known to tackle dog behavioral problems from the root-cause.

Program is made by a true dog training expert

Unlike most dog training programs available today, brain training 4 dogs has been made by a certified dog trainer whose credentials and vast experience can be verified.

Unmatched resources

The program comes with modules and many other resources that leave no stone unturned in regards to dog training. Everything you need and more is contained in the program, including a private forum that connects you to dog owners like yourself and valuable information/discussions. The program also provides insider dog training secrets capable of turning you into a dog training expert.

Unmatched dog training detail

Adrienne goes into unmatched detail when covering dog training. Most, if not all, dog training problems are covered, including the solutions. You will learn to train your dog on every subject, from potty training and aggression to jumping whining and chewing. Adrienne has compressed a decade’s worth of experience and years of studying dog problems into one program,, all without wasting time.

Force-free dog training

This program is also 100% force-free. The program doesn’t use old and outdated techniques that rely heavily on force.

One-on-one support from Adrienne

The program gives you access to Adrienne if you need a support system or special guidance.

Verifiable customer reviews

Besides being made by an expert, Brain Training has been tested and proven by many. If you want to get 1st hand information on what it’s like to buy and use the program, there are verifiable reviews backing the program’s effectiveness. There are thousands of customers who back the program, including renowned pet experts like Dr. J Coates and Caryl Wolff.

Affordable price

Considering the resources you get from this program, and the expertise of the creator alone, the $47 price is affordable. When you consider the cost of hiring a dog trainer to get rid of common dog problems alone, this program is incredibly cheap. A single session with a dog trainer costs over $100 a session. An entire day of dog training can easily cost over a thousand dollars, which many dog owners would gladly pay. Given additional resources like one-on-one access to the creator and a private forum, Brain Training for Dog is a bargain at $47. The program is worth a fortune if all resources are priced accordingly.

Risk-free purchase

Despite costing $47 only, you have an opportunity to try the program at Zero cost for 60 days. You don’t have to take Adrienne’s word or make a decision based on customer reviews. You can try this program and decide for yourself if it works for you/your dog or not. If not, you get a 100% refund with no questions asked.

Dedicated support

You should also buy this program for the great support available 24/7 to address your concerns, questions, etc. You can also email Adrienne anytime for one-on-one support.

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 Brain Training For Dogs FAQs

 What do I get after ordering brain training for dogs program?

After ordering the program you will get a detailed explanation with pictures, you will get about more than 100 articles, you will get a list of things which will be required to play games with your dog.

You will also be able to connect to other people using this program and also to  Farricelli so if you have any other questions you can easily connect to them.

In short in this program, you will get everything you would require to train your dog.

 How can I stimulate my Brain Training For Dogs using this program?

I’ll share my personal experience with this Brain Training for Dogsfree. From adrienne farricelli reviews and Brain Training for Dogs reviews I started to proceed with the process. Initially Jim took more time to follow my instructions and listen to my orders, but rewards and techniques that are taught in this course helped me a lot to make my dog follow my commands and its behavior is changed now also started responding politely Even when it tries to behave rude, with just one command from me it completely changes to a calm state. This feels super good. I am very happy about taking this decision for my dog. Brain Training 4 Dogs have done a very great job for my dog.

 Does dogs really love this training method?

Yes, Since the program include lot of game related activities, dogs will love to get trained by masters. The program is made after a lot of researches and Adrienne Farricelli, the creator of Brain Training for Dogs is a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer with over ten years of experience working with some of the most complicated and stubborn companions you can imagine.

 Can I train my dog myself?

Yes, you can train your dog yourself as long as you have some knowledge of the initial lessons of a dog training course. Along with a daily challenge, include games, treats, and other reward systems that motivate your dog. However, never use aggressive methods and always keep the process a fun one.

 What is the best age for training a dog?

Not necessarily a criterion, but the best puppy brain games would be 7 to 8 weeks for young puppies and 6 to 12 months for bigger dogs. Based on their behavioral patterns, you can up their training levels accordingly. Start with basic plans to teach “sit, fetch, stay”, followed by more presentable learnings.

 Is the program legit?

It’s a Yes! Your dog definitely will get rid of bad behavior such as barking or aggression, and you will enjoy how he follows orders to sit, lie down, and walking by your side.

 Can I get my money back if the program doesn’t work for my dog?

Yes, Use the insider information you get in this course for the next 60 days. Use the step-by-step system to transform the intelligence and behavior of your dog. But, if it doesn’t work, shoot an email to You will get your money back within 7 working days.

Imagine Your New Life With Your Dog

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