Hotel (2006) – Towards Civilization in the Next Thousands of Centuries


Humanity has never known how the past was, how civilization was formed until this modern era. We always asked, how it all began. Therefore, a lot of people theorize if other creatures from outside Earth formed civilization. Many conspiracy theories emerge such as the making of the pyramid having a subdue to aliens. However, there is more to the theory than that. History has many points of view whether from local ethnicity, religion, philosophy, and so on. But, we never know how we can have all this. Nothing else is lacking.

In other words, what makes humanity even more curious is the future. We never know what the future is like. Many media such as films, anime, fiction stories, and literature describe the future differently. However, a tale about leaping over human civilization for thousands of centuries told by Boichi, most notably known for “Dr. Stone “.

“Hotel” invites the reader to leap farther towards the most advanced civilization in the next thousands of centuries since the present. It’s told from the present to the future. Every character who involved and responsible in every civilization has a strong bond with the past. They all try to live and find other ways so that humanity still alive. One small step makes civilization turn for 90 degrees.

This is an anthology manga; each chapter has a different protagonist. However, the groundbreaking story of “Hotel” lies in how these humans are looking for ways and ideas to save humanity and their loved ones. A student falls in love with her teacher. After a long period of dating, Hanako was diagnosed with a chronic coma. The story begins with how a hotel, the title of the manga, plays an important role in the story.

As this relationship eventually becomes ill especially the teacher, he tries to find a way so that the love doesn’t die pathetically. Attempts to find a cure and a method of healing was unsuccessful. Even so, the teacher’s experiment wasn’t in vain because it’s used in the next civilization. It’s sensational storytelling but the heart of the relationship lies of each of these characters having important subtle relationships.

“Hotel” can be emotional but sometimes too, there is a comedy and action. The comedy is a ridiculous part but also has an important thread in the next civilization even though indeed, from the beginning, it’s ridiculous. The action part is at the last of the chapter but it’s too short actually. Art, if you are familiar with Boichi’s other works, it has a lot of variations. The coloring details and the usage of consistency is so mindblowing. Just seeing the scenery at the hotel is very gorgeous.

This is a short manga that isn’t too much to talk about it. On the other hand, this is a sophisticated manga with. There are so many things to analyze especially in terms of philosophy. It’s about a small step, about how these humans take on the many consequences they were risking. It’s a rich manga with each chapter having many conflicts. Every chapter involved a Greek, religious, and God story as well. The integrity digest of all of the emotion is so powerful. It’s out of the storm, a type of short anthology manga with rich details on it from art to the value.

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