We Never Learn (Spring 2019) – A Decent Series of Comedic Antics


With the second season just finished, “We Never Learn” honestly isn’t anything that a rom-com, waifu war, harem, or else I always expected. We also just know that “The Quintessential Quintuplets” get the second season. While in the first place, I read the manga. Both shows have similar characteristics to each other as well. “We Never Learn” tries for something more charming, more ridiculous, more romantic, and more unique.

In 2020, we still get lots of Isekai and an endless shounen series that still gets the same treatment. And this comes with no other than they are trying to dread the market. At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with it all. It’s just that, we don’t have such treatment with this series especially the second season. A lot of people say the second season gets an uncomfortable treatment with the original manga. And that’s quite a problem especially those who don’t read or don’t like the manga.

As in the title was self-explanatory, “We Never Learn” is quite straightforward and honest with the plot. Something is honest but other than it’s not because, above all, it’s about who gets the heart of the protagonist from the five heroines. Nariyuki Yuiga (Ryota Osaka) is just some guy who accidentally is in a gray situation between wanting to do it or not. Just don’t take the sentence without context. From his personality and even his character design, it’s just so monotonous and dense. I appreciate he is our protagonist, especially I appreciate how he appreciates his feelings to a certain heroine.

After that, we get to know the first three heroines. They are Fumino (Haruka Shiraishi), Uruka (Sayumi Suzushiro), and Rizu (Miyu Tomita). Fumino and Rizo are always regarded as two geniuses who are famous for their respective fields. Fumino is a literary genius and Rizo is a science genius. However, they overlap with their future. Fumino was eager to study science while Rizo was eager to study literature. Nariyuki, who was an intellectual, came and became their tutor.

Apart from Fumino and Rizu, for me, are the two prominent heroines in the story, Uruka looks the most developed between the two of them. Fumino and Rizu didn’t get, in the end, an adequate development with their form of romance. It’s also hard whether they deserve their romance or not too. Along with the story, we get to know the other two heroines. They are Mafuyu (Lynn) and Asumi (Madoka Asahina). Mafuyu is the teacher of their academy and Asumi is the alumni of the academy.

In certain aspects, I don’t understand, if I read the manga and the heroines get a portion of these romances. They are, by personality, not very interesting besides you often saw tropes like this in anime, especially school and romance, in general. But, I want to be honest because the design of all the heroines in this anime is quite memorable especially their hair color, except for Nariyuki. I think Asumi, Mafuyu, or even other supporting casts, deserve interesting and unique stories too. It’s more interesting than just going around in school.

I love school anime. Most people don’t like this kind of anime because we always see stories with the same set and same pattern. I get it, I get it. But, what I love about school isn’t just because I can recall my memory when I was in school. I mean, I don’t want it. But, I love school anime because it can take a set with all kinds of drama and stories. You can make romance, comedy, shounen, or even harem. School is like a safe zone where characters don’t have to spin around in the outside. It’s easy to feel relatable, to feel what these characters feel because they are teenagers, or else.

This is a collaborative project between Silver and Arvo Animation. It’s an average show including all of the design characters. While the protagonist is just another usual looking guy who can’t read the specific situation, the heroines, regardless of their memorable look, seem to lack any distinctive features. So, should you watch this show? It’s better to read the manga because I hear too, the second season has a lot of important parts to the manga. And yes, I want to read the manga as well. But, for an average decent mediocre whatever show like this, it depends on you too.

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