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Dark in anime, movies, song, or whatever is unique and I love that. Such a concept that explores reality, tragedy, or anything is amazing. It’s baffling not because it’s glorifying anything or it didn’t have any creativity. But, it’s baffling because regardless you make the film as part of the entertainment, you can see it through a reflection. And the reflection is transferred into a moving image. One movie that explores deeply about such a concept is Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood”. It’s a movie that talks about ambition and religion as both contradictory but would never be united.

Anime, especially when talking about the concept, is more absurd, unique, yet not lost in its real terms. One great example is Naoki Urasawa’s “Monster”. It’s manga, or anime, about the dark side of human beings, about how the characters in the manga react to and reflect on each other. It’s all back with “Akame ga Kill!”, one of my guilty pleasures anime regardless of I quite enjoyed the manga.

One of the influential why this anime can’t be said as dark, at least for me, is because just because you turned off your characters, without any obvious reason, doesn’t mean it’s dark. Don’t get me wrong, I like this anime from any aspect even with the variety of characters. However, I just can’t say if this is a dark anime. The story follows Tatsumi (Souma Saitou), a young boy who travels to the capital to join the military and get money for the sake of his downturn village. He considers that the capital is a better place for him.

Until then, he realizes that the capital isn’t the one. At the same time, he met Night Raid. It’s an assassination group that fights against the government and desired to be destroyed a downturn in the capital. This show was so promising at first. I admit because it told realistically apart from this is just the same as shounen anime in general. The difference is this is edgier than anything. The main protagonist has a plot armor in the first episode as well. This character, Tatsumi, isn’t like other shounen protagonists in general. He isn’t too exaggerated and tries to reach it from the oblivion into the more cool character.

This show mostly dominated by heroines. There aren’t only a few male characters that exist. Because of this, Tatsumi seemed to be covered by all these characters. He doesn’t too accomplish when participating in the story. Yeah, it’s so “dark” that I can’t see what just happened. Even though it’s not a matter when I want to see a great psychopathic heroine that kills a lot of people; not too filled in conveying the story even in a different context. The story seems to be lost in the way too. It’s the same as shounen anime in general. The tone always changes. There are many moments where the tone turns emotional into suddenly a comedy.

For me, it’s too awkward and out of the place and to say because this is a shounen anime, it’s not valid anymore. I don’t feel the emotions when there is one memorable character or your favorite was dying as it snapped. Without any plot devices or developments, some of the characters are just erased like nothing. On the other hand, too, this anime has many waifuable characters. I recommended this show if you just want to find the eye-candy rather than think about the story at all.

The animation and the visual is pretty good. One thing I like the most is the colorful characters’ design regardless of excessive gore and blood. The choreography is decent. But, the final fight at the end of the episode well-executed. White Fox didn’t show every detail too much but at least I could see from this aspect rather than others. Speaking about the animation, the sound is great too. I didn’t listen to the soundtrack much but I love the opening and ending theme song. There are “Skyreach” by Sora Amamiya, “LIAR MASK” by Rika Mayama, “Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta.” by Miku Sawai, and “Tsuki Akari” by Sora Amamiya.

All of the songs balanced its perfect tone to the story with nice lyrics. They were suitable that develop some tension at the first and ends with a soft tone. Satomi Akesaka as Esdeath and Kana Hanazawa as Seryuu are the ones that are memorable and dominated the most. “Akame ga Kill!” could be the one that can change my perception at first regardless of the bad writing of characters. There is a variation of characters, decent animation, and visuals. There are plenty of great songs but overall, this is one of the most overrated shows at the season.

I remember quite a long time when I was a teenager. I always thought that this is the most depressing dark anime I have ever seen. Sometimes, I always think of how the anime I’ve watched such as “High School DxD” and “Kissxsis” got me thinking about what just happened to me between the past and today. “Akame ga Kill!” becomes a great spectacle for those of you who want to enjoy the gore, the blood, or anything; yet in terms of story and writing, this is bad. If you love blood and gore, you would enjoy this. But, it’s up to you because this show is as much as possible the most favored by the community.

3 out of 5 stars.

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