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In this new movie by Dreamworks Animation and Pearl Studio, “Abominable” tells the story of a Yeti and his journey to go back home. Directed by Jill Culton, this movie is about Yi (Chloe Bennet), a teenager and violinist. She is still mourning the death of her father. Yi always eludes her mother (Michelle Wong) and grandmother (Tsai Chin) when inviting her to talk. She is more often alone on the roof of her apartment while playing the violin. Yi spends her summertime working. She has dreams of traveling all over China.

One night, Yi found a white-feathered giant hiding. This hairy giant is a Yeti where people dressed in black in a helicopter and their mysterious car is looking for it. Yi tries to communicate and the Yeti points her finger at a billboard labeled Everest. Therefore, Yi assumed that the Yeti wanted to go home to the Himalayas.

Burnish (Eddie Izzard), a wealthy man, and Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson), a zoologist, intends to recapture the Yeti. Yi had to go home to take the Yeti back to Everest; assisted by her two friends as well: Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and Peng (Albert Tsai) to the Himalayas. “Abominable” presents a magical yet charming adventure. With a few family themes and related jokes, all of these characters steal attention by appearing humorous. Beautiful animation, beautiful landscape, and the imagination were there. But, I can’t say that this movie feels flat and bland at the same time.

With a simple story, this movie invites us to follow the adventures of Yi, Jin, Peng, and Yeti or Everest towards the Himalayas. Yi, a troubled teenage person, Jin, the millennial kid and loves to take a selfie, and Peng, as the comical character. For some of it, people would find it relate especially for the Asian audience. This movie is also set in China. You will see many sights and wonders in the country. The city, the village, to the scenery, from the first and end, this movie is like a light show, like Pudong Skyline.

“Abominable” isn’t one of the worse animated works also from Dreamworks Animation. This movie was more focused on nature and ecocritic as a part of the driven plot. The music is the most important element of plot devices such as Yi and her violin. There are so many beautiful sequences also like when Yi has magical power just like the Yeti. Even Coldplay’s “Fix You” was just out of place for me, this movie still captured what animated movies should be. It’s simple, but such a simple thing has beautiful landscapes regardless of dull, monotonous, and cliche characters.

Still, is this a bad movie? For me, this isn’t more like a family film where you can watch it with your friends and talk about each of the compositions. But, “Abominable” just didn’t work in terms of the generic story regardless of the beautiful landscape of the shot and yet, this movie still has the magic they put on. Creativity isn’t lost and is there. But, this movie just tries to be magical, sweet, and charming which kids would probably find this enjoyable. This movie shows a clear message about the meaning of family, especially within the scope of Asians.

3 out of 5 stars.

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