Aladdin (1992) – A Whole New World

Yes, a timeless classic animated Disney movie with Robin Williams. “Aladdin” becomes one of my least favorite movies from Disney. I don’t remember when and where I watched this. Nothing can be separated from the fact that this is another one of the best from Disney as well. It has a charming moment, likable characters, an ambitious villain, and more. In Disney, everything is about a whole new world. Disney was liberated at last and we always remember Robin Williams because of his role as Genie. Such a kind man and we still cannot accept how Disney has also become what it is today.

What is interesting about this film? Is it because this is just another nostalgic movie from us? Nobody knows and no one can conclude it. This illustrated Saudi Arabia with such gorgeous animation and scenery. It’s an entertaining, fun, hilarious, imaginative, romantic movie from Disney. We always love this movie yet it’s not too difficult for us to love it also.

Besides the best part of this movie was the genie, it has many other best aspects. Unlike Disney’s two previous films, “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast”. Indeed, the two films had a major influence, especially on feature-length animation. Both of them try to change stereotypical views also about animation not only for children. The protagonist, Aladdin (Scott Weinger), and the main heroine, Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin), was a romantic couple in this story. Indeed, the comparative between beast and the beauty in “Beauty and the Beast” is very different. This movie depicts two characters far from reality, not only fantasy, but it makes them as great as characters.

There are so many things we always remember when it comes to “Aladdin”. The phenomenal three wishes, a plump, vizier, Iago (Gilbert Gottfried) as a parrot, Abu (Frank Welker) as Aladdin’s monkey, friendly yet likable flying carpet, and the magic put into it. Back at the time, Disney didn’t just think about how the film would end. The passion and the effort were there and still, we talked about this film after more than 10 years; just like “The Lion King“. Robin Williams’s improvisation is also very visible and Disney never throws it all away. Rather than put out of the film, they included it too. And that’s why I love Robin Williams, Disney, and all of the people who participated in this movie. There is genuine if you went through one by one.

Yeah, you also can’t accept the fact that this movie has an excessive representation of Arabic in animation. Big nose, bright eyebrows, thick mouth, etc. Even Aladdin and the princess don’t look like Arabs. However, this movie has one of the best and memorable original music from Disney. “Friend Like Me”, “Arabian Nights”, “A Whole New World” is one of the few examples we remember most from our childhood. However, I still prefer “The Lion King” rather than this movie when it comes to the whole.

“Aladdin” is everything; it’s romantic, deeper, charming, fun, hilarious, imaginative, creative, etc. I don’t know what I want to say about this film. And we know the reason why this movie is classic. It has great characters, beautiful animations, memorable soundtracks, all of them. However, I also wonder why this movie became one of my least favorites from Disney. The Robin Williams sequences are also very lovable, considering they put everything on screen in detail. Above all, this is still has its energy, soul, and charming.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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