Hooky: Season One (2015) – A Story About Two Kids Missing a Magic Bus…

Okay, to be honest, I never, I mean, never expected this webcomic written by Miriam Bonastre Tur. However, how can you turn one of the innocent full of happiness stories into one of the messed up fantasy comics? Plus, the writer likes to play with the feelings of her readers. It’s a fun yet intense story you will never expect from just a story about two kids missing the bus to the magic school into the most complex story. It follows Dani and Dorian, as they miss the bus to magic school, try to play around everywhere. They just don’t want their parents to find out about what they are just doing.

The two of them soon found a magic teacher, Master Pendragon, in a small town. Along with the story, they get into many situations but later they will find many colorful characters in each chapter. Long story short, I hope that this comic feels like “Little Witch Academia”, one of my favorite fantasy anime. But, what I found was just out of the box. This webtoon has a plotline with many characters that didn’t just about the characters. However, all characters are developed into their arcs, connected, yet it’s just so fast and hard to keep up with the story. I mean, it’s not.

The set is probably just a cliche thing, about witches and humans who can’t live together and hate each other. They both exclude one another and this comic explores it from the standpoint of the protagonist. The writer is always constant in its progression and it never seems boring. Reading this comic will be more suitable if you were in a good mood or before going to sleep. It works like a book before going to bed especially this is also a fantasy webtoon. You also never expected that in this innocent comic, many major characters die as well. Yet, that’s the unique part about this comic. From a happy-go-lucky story with many spoofs turned into a dark one.

All of the characters, besides the protagonist, are important whether they are minor characters or supporting characters, everyone affects each other. There are also many moments where only one misunderstanding or one character dies, it triggers another sudden event to the story. You never see the same thing over and over like most fantasy or other stories. This webtoon, besides its complex plot, has a colorful personality. You continue to be in the middle of the story, in the middle of the character, until you always determine who is suitable for shipping. You always say when the ship was sailing.

“Hooky” just grabbed right away magically just like that. The plot is also somewhat similar to “Little Witch Academia” where the protagonist misses the magic bus. But, the difference is that the protagonist in the anime arrives at their magic school. On the other hand, this webtoon doesn’t. I was also immediately so interested just because of the behavior and personality of the two protagonists: Dani and Dorian. Dani has trouble with magic but was able to be open with everyone and easy to socialize with lots of characters. Dorian, on the other hand, is more like an introvert kid or geek who is very smart with magic. Although like which, they both need each other. If they lose one, everything was missing. This webtoon can pull you straight into its world just because of these protagonists.

“Hooky” is just not about Dorian and Dani but many major characters are participating in this comic as well. There is Monica who also focuses a lot and changes the most in the story. There is also Nico who changed the most along with the progression. Most of the characters also just exist like that without many roles in the story but can help the journey of the protagonist. At least, there are five major characters to say at least in this series.

The art is just amazing. How do I describe it? You keep scrolling and scrolling, suddenly it just ends like you don’t know what is this. There is one specific part I love when the scenery mixes from top to bottom. You keep scrolling it and see how just one event can occur simultaneously in one set. Imagine as one takes in a movie describing how in just the shot, you can see everything. That’s how it works.

This webtoon too, besides fantasy, is everything. There is action, fantasy, romance, everything you can come with. The dynamics between characters are great and the character designs are easily memorable. The noticeable color palette with the pastel colors just beautifully amazing. The art strongly supports how the story and paced work. At the very least, “Hooky” is an interesting fantasy webtoon you don’t expect too much but keep you directly into its world. Although the story centers on the protagonist and his slice of life, this is a complex webtoon as well. It has an amazing story with beautiful art, memorable character designs, and gorgeous scenery.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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