From the New World (Fall 2012) – A Unique Coming-of-age Story

Every dog ​​has its day. It means all things have their historical records. However, there is one record that we couldn’t deeply touch. We just buried deeply so our young generation would never know what trauma had happened in the past. “From the New World” is a coming-of-age anime. But, it’s not your typical everyday drama, action, romance, or thriller shows. Personally, this anime seems to contain a message related to the future. It predicts what would happen in the future or on this day. There is plenty of anime back in Fall 2012 which is one of my favorite seasons. There are “Psycho-Pass“, “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!“, “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou”, “BTOOOM!”, And “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”.

“From the New World” is a masterpiece since “Steins; Gate”. It’s a post-apocalyptic story. After a terrifying tragedy causes the world became messy up, humans stretch even further in the next thousands of years. The story focused on five children during their childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The world focuses on telekinetic and psychokinesis power. You can use what is the term to name the power. In short, it’s Cantus which works quite like the Force from “Star Wars“. It doesn’t matter if you can still control the power. But, the power itself can cause people to become psychopathic and insane if they are used wrongly.

A rule from society tightened the world. At the very least, every episode in this show provided many twists. The first three episodes are a vague introduction between the present and the past. Alternately, they will eventually put into a major conflict in the fourth episode. From here, this is going to never be the same again. There are so many layers, the information you hard to understand, the races, and everything. At least, each of the episodes always draws a variety of anticipations. The climax awaits from each episode predicts what would appear in the eternity seems funny.

“From the New World” has three acts of narrative and told without any transition telling its. It leaves a profound reaction and it used a time-skip. The first act is about Saki (Aya Endou), the major character, along with her friends went through their everyday life in general. In the end, everything is never the same again when they find out an isolated bond of real society. This narrative tells how a rat race, Queerats, lives side by side with humans is introduced. These kids later know how society treats them from bit by bit. The kids begin to disappear yet in fact, they never realize it.

The second act is about Saki and her friends who just grew up. Many viewers said bad and dropped this show because of this second narrative. It contains LGBT content but it becomes what makes them exist in the first place. There are just one or two episodes. They begin to know the circumstance around them. It’s about how to deal with feelings from each other, just like many coming-of-age movies. The third act is about Saki who has become an adult who participated in society. This is what all the insane things begin. There were so many moments I never forgot how the writer got an idea like this.

The third act contains the other side of society, how the real face of society will be like. It explores more the dark side of humanity, revolutionary, coup d’etat, and many more. The ending gives a natural impression without a happy or sad ending. It keeps you interpreting in any context. Whatever who is right or wrong at the end of the show, I love it because it didn’t give any specific answer to the values. At first, I felt weird because the set didn’t give me any impression of the future or post-apocalyptic. The settings are thousands of years into the future, more like a so-called sophisticated dystopia. It’s not “Akira” or anything but it’s “From the New World”.

However, the setting is nothing because the perspective is told differently. It doesn’t like post-apocalyptic movies except at the climax episode. The art style is standard, blatantly, solid, yet minimalist, especially in character design. A-1 Pictures is the studio that works on this anime. And to be honest, I don’t see their trademark. The animation is self-explanatory yet the environment is one of the best in this aspect. It’s so clear it can portray everything. The tone is constantly improving as, for instance, when in the dark situation or night. The environment reduces the lighting as it looks the same as the character’s feeling.

The soundtrack is simply one of the best I have ever heard. I thought all Clint Mansell’s score was terrifying especially “Lux Aeterna”. The music used the vocal chant or tenor to symbolize the eerie and mystery. It always amazes me because it resembles the capture of the environment and how the characters are feeling. The ambient sound is always being in silence. And honestly, it kind of reminds me of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”. The build-up is fit perfectly with the sequence. There are no opening theme songs either except in one episode. Eventually, it became the ending theme song.

Risa Taneda’s “Wareta Ringo” is a little bit memorable and Kana Hanazawa’s “Yuki ni Saku Hana” doesn’t sound like her voice at least for me. The voice actors are well-performed especially Daisuke Namikawa. When it comes to the action sequence, the music becomes like a drum and bass or electronic type of music. Yet, it’s always in the same composition with no variations at all. The characters focus more on Saki and Satoru (Yuki Kaji) from the first to the end. The development of how these characters are dealing with are so well-developed. Everyone has a fate, at every moment, because I feel their existence on screen. This show pulls you slowly into it.

The supporting characters also have a great job in participating and supporting the main characters. Yet, most of them have plot devices. The core of the main plot at first focuses on these five characters who originally know nothing, experience their coming-of-age phase, and were created with an unpredictable twist. The second is the rat races. They fight with their all the races, as opposed to each other but in the end, this is like a kind of revolutionary about a race. Both of them have different arguments with each other and want to be above all else. They consider humans as God but humans also always oppressed them on the lowest pyramid.

The rat races are just like humans. They can think intelligently, speak, and even act like a human in general. These races finally face you with many simple meaningful questions. Who is the bad guy? Is there only a way to fix it? Why run away from reality? Why hide a fact created by the race itself. The story also turned many major characters off both the main and supporting cast. Each time, some are based on the character. It could change their fate, destiny, or a trigger of each character. Each of them is explained in full detail. Still, there is so much repeated information we got. And it’s difficult to keep on the track.

“From the New World”, although it has a complex story, isn’t one type of anime you can enjoy. It starts with nothing, to begin with how to add the plot given vaguely. It suddenly comes to the main case. Yet, this is an anti-fantasy show, not your typical post-apocalyptic, but it’s full of various twists, intense, anticipating, and not overrated. You have to give a try. There is no element of coercion but at least try it. Such a masterpiece. It contains various moral messages as well as a prediction.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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