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Two girls invite one of their friends to the forest. They invite their friends so they can sacrifice it for the sake of Slender Man. And it’s a real story, to be honest. The fact that a teenager is too innocent and obsessed with things on the internet. Beware of the internet, kiddo! However, what makes “Slender Man” different from the real story is the exploration. Welcome to 2012 where I’m just an innocent kid who still watches PewDiePie. It’s been years since this movie adapted one of the most famous creepypastas on the internet. And that’s Slender Man. Wait, did I just said years? Excuse me but this is a 2018 movie.

Slender Man attracted a lot of people’s attention back in 2009 where there was an online photoshop contest, especially with the horror theme. One inappropriate creepy about an emerging entity. There are a variety of sighting incidents, rules for being able to see them, tips for surviving, and discussion forums. Well, the internet in that year and this year isn’t much different. We still follow the silly trend and we still follow it today. Slender Man becomes an urban legend in the digital age. Until a video game based on its character itself, it shows that many people have been obsessed with this fictional creature. Internet, dude. It’s the internet.

One of the first rules that you shouldn’t do is transfer something on the internet and introduce it to the mainstream audience. And yeah, that works. I even just heard that OK Boomer got a TV show adaptation. And well, I have already said that the golden age of the internet and the internet today isn’t much different. “Slender Man” is also a learning process for all of us so that we no longer need to waste our passion and time watching a film like this.

“Slender Man” actually has potential regardless indeed this is an adaptation of internet fiction and we know how the fate of this film was. Montage surrealistic shots like “The Ring” become one of the interesting points in this film. But, I can assure you better just watch “Jacob’s Ladder“. Slender Man works by raiding houses, calling them through video call, and appearing again for a moment. The sequence of horror in the library with disturbing effects like 7 years old kid has just discovered Adobe After Effect was laughably good. What is the main point of the Slender Man game that is trying to find a piece of paper? Oh, I forgot that this is a movie.

In the video game, we never know that Slender Man emerges from nowhere. The horror in the game occurs when you are alone in the forest and no one is there. The flashlight, the sound of feet, and the breath of the player alone accompany you. But, this movie doesn’t have all that and don’t expect it to appear. One of the horrible things about this movie is the CGI. It’s so horrible that I don’t know whether I should feel scared or not. This movie also uses a found footage format like “Blair Witch”. So, the main point of this film is to adapt the game and its creepypasta but the movie doesn’t use all that.

Although this film centered on Slender Man, this character isn’t very convincing. Slender Man becomes the strongest, most obsessive and most terrifying character in this film. But, Katie (Annalize Basso) can also be the main character. Maybe also Hallie (Julia Goldani Telles) or Wren (Joey King). And these characters don’t have any motivation, just like the story. I don’t care anymore if the main point of this film is Slender Man. If they care just a little, I don’t need to pay much attention to these characters. Exploration of superficial characters, even the mysterious Slender Man being laughable, has become one of the funniest films I’ve ever watched.

If Sylvain White just doesn’t care, the audience also doesn’t need to care. The trailer also looks like a decent horror where there would be a lot of blood and death. But, this is just another pointless PG-13 movie and they should realize it. They remove the pieces of the “horror” in the trailer and save the remnants of dust when the final product appears. The point is, you don’t get “horror” scenes in this film. So is this a horror movie or is it a comedy movie?

This is one of the anticipated horrors in 2012, I mean, 2018. I don’t know but watching this movie makes me feel that I’m traveling back in time. Jumpscare everywhere, deep creepy images of the deep web, point of view of the story without direction, fear in this film lies not because of the horror of this movie. However, we are only afraid that Sony Pictures will make the universe creepypasta again and adapt the famous creepypasta in the film. It could have been Jeff the Killer or even fricking Momo. “He gets in your head like a virus”. Yeah, this movie gets in my head like a virus. So, “Slender Man” could be a worse movie or even worse than you think.

1 out of 5 stars.

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