Low Tide (2019) – Never Stays Buried for Long

Kevin McMullin’s “Low Tide” reminds me of 80s films about a group of teens who went to a mysterious place. They tried to reach the abyss. Such films are usually charming and full of many suspense for a misadventure-themed film. It brings an old style of thriller and coming-of-age narrative with a story about being together, proud, or anything. You can say it such as “The Goonies”, “Stand by Me”, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”, and so on. Think about what you love in 80s classic adventure films besides these films. And you got this movie with more R-rated.

The story focused on Alan (Keean Johnson), Red (Alex Neustaedter), and Smitty (Daniel Zolghadri). They live day by day at a shore in Jersey. There is nothing to talk about where they come from or what about their parents. More precisely, they just live their daily lives in the city, a slice of lifestyle. However, no one can deny also that their routine at night is different from the daytime. Three of them always do burglar, enter one house to another, and steal valuables.

Our real protagonist, Peter (Jaeden Martell) or Alan’s brother, also tries to enter their group. However, Peter didn’t need a struggle after knowing what their daily life at night. And the routine began with Peter. One night on a lonely island, there was an abandoned house. When they enter the house, Peter discovers a rare treasure but unfortunately, there is a twist. Peter finds it that the treasure can make him rich and can buy anything. However, other friends, besides his brother, never knew what they had found.

“Low Tide” might be not the worst movie ever from A24. McMullin has a subtle touch of how he directed this film in the style of classic 80s films. Although there is no character depth or anything, this is still a fun movie to watch. I don’t think anything to expect besides this is another A24 movie. Just looking from the trailer, I thought, “this is might be a decent flick”. And yeah, it’s a decent but fun movie. I guess.

McMullin provides many opportunities also to shine more on screen one by one. Martell, Neustaedter, and Johnson are three of the more shining actors in this film. All of these young men also don’t lose the slightest opportunity so that they become more charismatic. The movie also has a summer vibe touch, reminds you a lot with the type of movie like this. It’s a movie that feels like not an hour movie but more like it feels two-hours. The first act is kind of lame and old and the third act kinds of rushed directly to the conclusion.

The audience really should appreciate this movie more than this was coming from A24. I have a lot of stock with other A24 films like “The Kill Team” and “The Farewell”. I also can’t watch “The Lighthouse” and “Uncut Gems” just because my place sucks so much they didn’t even air. But, “Low Tide” deserved better than just an underrated work. It’s a story about youth and friendship as just a fun thing. McMullin might be able to become a director with more passion, style, and visuals. Just like Daniel Scheinert with his “The Death of Dick Long“, another underrated gem from A24.

3 out of 5 stars.

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