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Once again, Shinichiro Watanabe took the entire stage as a well-known. If you didn’t know who he was, then maybe you live under the rock or something. A lot of people know him through “Cowboy Bebop”. Even if you’re not an anime fan, he has a big influence on anime. He is like a Quentin Tarantino of Japanese where Watanabe brought western influences into Japanese culture and combined the two. Such works like “Samurai Champloo” combine western culture such as street arts and hip hop sets in the Sengoku era. But again, he proves that he is still in the same game. And now, here comes “Carole & Tuesday”, an anime about music.

“Carole & Tuesday” is a refreshing experience you can’t get in most of the anime. I know there is a lot of great anime music. One of my favorites is “K-ON!“. It’s still one of the best music anime. Still, this show brings the influence of United States culture into Japanese culture. The first episode starts with the introduction of three stories interchangeably yet connected. The main show focused on: Carole (Miyuri Shimabukuro), a cool girl with quite a mess; and Tuesday (Kana Ichinose), a feminine girl with quite innocent to outside the world. Carole is an orphan. She only lived in a cheap apartment and paid for herself by finding a side job. However, every time he works, she always messed up so she has to find another job.

Carole is very good at playing a keyboard. On the side, she is a bit of a troublemaker. But, she is a common girl who also often sings alone on the outskirts of the planet Mars. On the other hand, Tuesday is a rich girl and very good at playing the guitar. After running away from her home because of the treatment of her parents. By chance, she met with Carole. Since then, they both formed a band from zero to become a famous artist on the planet Mars.

This is where the second story tells, Gus (Akio Ootsuka) as their producer and manager. Gus is an ex-former musician and doesn’t have a life anymore. He was only famous when he was young. However, he only goes to bars and drunk every day. After seeing the hidden talent from both of them, he just wanted to step foot into the music world again. He wants to bring them deeper into the scope.

The last story is about Angela (Sumire Uesaka), a former model. She wants to make a name in the music industry. After getting bored with her old work, she starts to walk in where her name will be more famous. However, her path is different from Carole and Tuesday. She was born into a richer family. Her character consists of how she always intimidates people around herself even her mom. But, she comes to realize how she only needs people closest to her. But, she represents her character as a plot that is important too. She is a character you might always see in a biopic about a musician. But, she is more colorful with just not a one-dimensional character.

“Carole & Tuesday” only focuses on two stories. It’s about Carole and Tuesday’s trip as an indie band and Angela as a pop star. Simply put, this show is about dreams and reality. It’s about how you simply struggle with your dream, get through various obstacles, and enjoy the results. It’s more like a driven character where the story pushed and guided the protagonist into the conflict and conclusion. The chemistry between Carole and Tuesday complement each other. It’s charming but sometimes dramatic. Both of them try to survive in the music industry at the expense of what is possible. They are also different from other musicians where they write, sing and play their songs. Unlike other musicians who use AI as their “writer”.

There are so many diverse characters and this is why I love enjoying most Watanabe works. He puts all easter eggs in American pop culture also in the anime. Watanabe also uses the titles of the songs from such musicians and bands into episode titles. You can say it such as Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” and The Who’s “The Kids Are Alright”. There is Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” as well. Besides mentioning various American bands too, Watanabe put many references. One of which is Banksy. For an anime about music, it puts almost all genres of music as well. You can get rock, jazz, pop, a capella, metal, dubstep, and others. Unlike the anime about music in general, “Carole and Tuesday” is so diverse when it comes to the references.

The show is also a criticism of the music industry. It’s about how this musician no longer writes their songs. However, they use AI as their benchmark as a musician. You can say it as how auto-tune becomes a part of a musician’s benchmark. It’s about how they deal with toxic fans as well as an artist and musician as well. The show is about two young girls, from zero to pop star, and creating a miracle with their music. The show also puts a reference to the planets Mars and Earth. Earth became a toxic planet and a place for poor people to live. Therefore, so many illegal immigrants live on Mars. They live there. It’s getting political when the show introduces to Tuesday’s mom as a presidential candidate. She is delivering a speech about expelling illegal immigrants from residing on Mars.

Yeah, one of the characters dropped an F-bomb is a moment where the show getting funny. Outside the diversity of the cast, we have to talk about the music when talking about anime about music. Prominently, “Carole & Tuesday” contains many memorable songs from beginning to end especially the two protagonist songs. The show managed to remain consistent with the songs in the show so we never heard the same song again. The opening and ending theme songs are quite catchy, memorable, and enjoyable as well. The visual representation of the theme songs also is gorgeous and aesthetic. Yeah, this show has an amazingly beautiful visual. But, for an anime about music, it’s a little bit ridiculous when they use CGI as the music and choreography. I think “K-ON!” did it well without it. Still, Bones is one of the best studios.

“Carole & Tuesday” is an anime about music with so much experience, maybe, you don’t get everything in most anime. Either you never hear music, you love this. Whether you’re a metalhead, a fan of pop, rock, jazz, electro, or indie music, you love this. The show has lots of drama too, not just about music. Maybe, I just want to say this. Carole and Tuesday remind me of Tyler and Josh from Twenty One Pilots. Both bands start with zero. They start from an underground band and be one of the greatest bands and pieces ever. You can learn anything with this show and definitely, you would experience too much. This is a great piece of the show.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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