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Netflix is ​​a gem. It’s one of the modern platforms that seems to conquer marketing. In addition to the platform making original shows and movies, there is excrement, covering the whole gems. Most of the original Netflix movies feel the same, lifeless, and nothing more to say. But, my expectation for Stephen King’s adaptation, “In the Tall Grass”, is a wild fantasy. What I love about his works is how he explores horror uniquely. Just like Junji Ito; both of the writers can redefine a genre into one of the most fascinating works you can enjoy. Besides horror, Stephen King is also fond of complicated drama. You can read a book or watch the movie adaptations such as “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Green Mile”.

We got a nice looking horror movie this year. There is a horror in the daylight, “Midsommar“, and you got “It Chapter Two”, another Stephen King adaptation. Next month, you will also get “Doctor Sleep”, another Stephen King adaptation. It’s a sequel to one of the perfect horror movies ever, “The Shining”. Stephen King’s trademark can make his readers or audience afraid of simple things. These simple things don’t need to be afraid. Such simple things like a car, hotel, or something like which can make you not want to touch those things.

“In the Tall Grass” is a horror film that uses grass as the key element of its horror. The film adaptation of the collaboration novel between Stephen King and Joe Hill encourages the audience to feel the “dimes”. There is nothing fun for the tall grass that trapped its people. They went on the most terrible journey and became the worst nightmare ever. Becky (Laysla De Oliveira) and Cal (Avery Whitted) are on a quiet trip. Until in the end, they stopped on the side of the road precisely in front of the church. Between the church and the road, there is a wide meadow.

Becky, in particular, heard the voice of a little boy screaming lost in the meadow. She is trying to ask for help. It’s no longer faint, Becky heard the boy’s screams. Out of doubt, Becky and Cal tried to save the boy. Instead of finding the source of the boy’s voice, both of them suddenly lost as well as the boy too. Day and night and vice versa, Becky and Cal still could not find a way out. They both lost until they get a variety of mysteries in the meadow.

What I love about horror is how the genre can make it scary without jumpscare. Jumpscare isn’t a bad thing unless you know what you are putting and how you are executing it. Stephen King’s novels don’t have that trademark. This movie is a wild fantasy between the director and also the writer. Vicenzo Natali led his audience to the creepy atmosphere of the savannah but still used the set during the day. The meadow is a knock. The movie tries to make his audience feel uncomfortable. The same is the case with the characters in this film too.

I forgot how many times I fell asleep while watching this film. You know how boring this movie was. Every time there is a revealing twist and new hints, I might fall asleep. It’s not because the story is hard to understand. It’s just so cliche without any explanation. “In the Tall Grass” doesn’t explain the details of the supernatural mystery. There is no answer to everything. Why the grass cursed? Why everything is repetitive? What exactly is the stone? In some parts, the movie is “uncomfortable”.

“In the Tall Grass” uses a cheap way. It makes you think that this is a horror film different from the others. Honestly, the landscape and the scenery are decent beautiful. Elements of fantasy in this film also doesn’t feel spread out like fantasy films in general. And the actor did a decent job as well. Patrick Wilson and Laysla De Oliveira are great and they alone gave the best performance. I don’t know about the others. You got Will Buie Jr. as a kid but not as great as the other two. I don’t know what to say besides thinking about Patrick Wilson and Patrick Wilson when speaking in this film.

“In the Tall Grass” is still somewhat a horror that still uses the classic format of horror films in general. The story of being lost in a simple place wasn’t new. There are so many films that are better than this film. However, this movie just feels less interesting and makes you forget that this film exists. To conclude, this movie is like the story. It keeps dying and coming back in the meadow.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

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