Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017) – Let the Past Die

“The Last Jedi” is one of the movies I was looking forward to at the year. Regardless, I can’t watch at the cinema because “Star Wars” is less popular in my place. I understand why this movie becomes one of the most controversial of all series. It has led to an internet war between politics, fans, and critics. They are the ones who try to be a troll and to be nitpicking. They make jokes about this movie even trying to send hate messages to the director. In a nutshell, the movie isn’t bad. It’s just a decent flick if I didn’t put “Star Wars” on the title. This movie has a bunch of importance. It can be satisfying for the trilogy and development. But, they changed drastically because of the director. Unlike “The Force Awakens“, this movie gave us a thing we cannot take it.

After “Rogue One” became a tie to the prequel and original trigger, “The Last Jedi” comes with continuity. “The Force Awakens” comes to ​​bring a new phenomenon. It’s introducing new characters and it feels a sense of nostalgia for the fans. It’s one of the anticipated films from the great sequel. I have said many times how the movie ends up with two sides. Some didn’t like it and some love it too. On the other hand, “The Last Jedi” provided a level of flat confidentiality; they keep the spoilers from spreading everywhere and they are very careful. Not to mention the death of Carrie Fisher as well. It gave a final tribute to the legendary famous actress of this trilogy.

“The Last Jedi” can satisfy their fans, right? It invites lots of hatred and disappointment on reality and the internet, right? Explaining this movie is hard because it didn’t add suspicions. Everyone had watched it. The story tells about the Resistance. At the end of the abyss, the First Order determined in terms of fleet numbers. They manage to destroy half of the Republican. Princess Leia had to be able to bring her army back from the battle to prevent the loss. Some of them also didn’t agree to it if they had to withdrew. Rey, who had finally arrived at Luke Skywalker’s hiding begged Luke to return. However, Luke refused to train Rey because of what happened with Kylo Ren and Han Solo.

Speaking of the structure, the story walks from “The Empire Strikes Back” to “Return of the Jedi“. This movie is almost like put together two movies in this movie. The storytelling from the fifth series is so similar. It starts with Rey who practices becoming a Jedi. There is a subplot where Finn and Rose meeting a new character and try to fix a problem. And also, there is a conclusion of the relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren. The relationship between Rey and Ren isn’t like Luke and Vader. On the other hand, it didn’t bring up a mixed feeling in it.

Kylo Ren, who was just a human being, still had hope in his heart. Besides him, Rey is just an overpowered character without any reason. The most interesting part about this movie lies in these two characters in determining their circumstances. Yet, it doesn’t seem memorable from what I expected. Snoke, who’s like Darth Sidious, is just a joke. He was only able to exist on the screen just in one second. It’s just like my impression of this character didn’t have long to our expectations. The main plot of Rey’s and Ren’s arc, in my opinion, is the most interesting. This movie focused mostly on the subplot instead of the main plot too.

Why did I not find any clear on just one sequence? Why did Admiral Ackbar just turn to be another joke? How does Rose fall in love with Finn? Everything doesn’t make any sense. There is so much deus ex machina without any background. All the characters come and go like totally gone. Rose, especially, is just an out of nowhere character. Her role as a mechanic becomes a spy who infiltrated the Empire. Instead, they add a little quirky romance element. This movie doesn’t show the main purpose whatsoever. The story runs in any intent direction and becomes chaotic. It’s trying to be complex yet doesn’t bring up its impression. It’s like watching a movie or anime full of fan service and fillers. There is no explanation of why they exist in the first place.

Many critics say that the second viewing watching this movie subverts your expectations. But, it’s not and they lie. The good parts of this film and bearable is the CGI probably. The choreography, even though there was one scene that makes me laugh, feels minimalist. But, Rian Johnson ruined this movie using a comedy. The movie is trying to be the next Marvel thing because they were using wisecracking humor. In the Marvel context, it works very well. But in the “Star Wars” universe, it can’t. This movie is just magic. It always changes the rules including the Force.

“The Last Jedi” doesn’t have anything in several ways, a rehash to the old movie, but a mess-up one. The performance, honestly, is giving their best. Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, even Mark Hamill gave their best. And don’t forget the Porgs regardless is just a thing to sell merch, they are just too cute to think. Despite coming out of a sense of disappointment, this movie didn’t take the new takes.

3 out of 5 stars.

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