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Love it or hate it, Gareth Edwards‘ “Rogue One” is better than “The Force Awakens“. Yeah, that’s another subjective and personal opinion to put simply. It’s one of the most memorable movies from the whole trilogy as not a diehard fan. This movie is nothing more than a spin-off of the Star Wars universe. It tells a different story yet still has a connection to the original movie. It has a simple story, like a copy-paste. This movie has a unique yet forgettable character. It gives you some knowledge and a plot. It fills the hole between “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope“. We watch the original movie without any background at all. This is before the prequel. At the time, we just witnessed one of the most brilliant movies ever existed at the time.

This movie sets before “A New Hope” and after “Revenge of the Sith”. It explains enough background of the original movie. It’s our question of how Princess Leia got a map of the Death Star. This movie includes other characters as we know it. On the other hand, this movie doesn’t have enough strong plot. The story seems simple and we know what will happen next. For all aspects, this movie has nothing to do with the Jedi. There is nothing a one-on-one lightsaber scene between the two Jedi whatsoever. Unless there was the sequence where one character used the Force. It has one of the best in this movie.

Regardless, “Rogue One” provides all kinds of trivia and various references. You can find all your favorite characters such as Darth Vader, Governor Tarkin, Princess Leia, and others. Considering various references, the shot at the end of the movie did have a well-executed connection. Besides having a simple story, this movie prevails a fresh for an initial story. The action and space battles don’t seem focused so many people don’t care about it. Therefore, it keeps uniqueness elements from the visual effect. Rather, this movie offers something like space or war movies in general. It’s just a fascinating experience with its magnificent background. Yet, I feel a little bit hate it when talking about this.

Speaking about visual effects, I just can’t believe the director was too far on this point. I didn’t realize that Peter Cushing’s Governor Tarkin is a CGI. Maybe, I’m just an idiot who can’t tell the difference. On the other side, the CGI feels stiff in some of the details. But, it’s so impressive because to think how they put a deceased actor on screen was blowing my mind. Similarly, Princess Leia only appeared as a cameo in the last 10 seconds at the end of the movie. If there is Leia means there must be Luke or Han Solo, right?

Speaking about old characters, I think I now know how terrifying and intimidating Darth Vader is. At the same time, he becomes one of the coolest villain characters ever from all other movies. This movie brings this character into one of the awesome sequences. Although it was just a few seconds, Darth Vader gave me a chill went he went straight into the action. “Rogue One” feels like an easily forgotten movie in several parts. This is what comes next for the characters.

The cast includes Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen, and so on. With a great cast and a perfect role, all of the characters are forgettable. Sure, they all have a variety of characters. K-2SO is an android-like of BB-8 or R2-D2. It’s one of the funny characters in this movie. There are many characters yet Jyn Erso is the center of the story. The visuals have a realistic visual in small details. There were battles on the beach and there was so much going on to follow. The original score from John Williams as well; you can feel the nuance of the original movie.

I do agree with the statement about this movie is better than “The Force Awakens”. In terms of quality, “Rogue One” takes the cake. But, in terms of enjoyable, “The Force Awakens” takes the cake. Regardless, “Rogue One” provides a clear plot from the original story, slips a connection and easter eggs. The CGI works quite well even though it’s still pretty weak in the small details. This is a good movie to say at least.

4 out of 5 stars.

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