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I always see how YouTubers have a big influence on the millennial generation. There is a lot of good content on the platform. It’s just, it’s hard to find the good one. But instead, YouTuber only gives you content with no effort. They just follow the same format over and over again. One thing I always remember when talking about YouTube is drama. And speaking of dramas too, you always get where one to another YouTuber makes a diss track. It follows the same pattern over and over again. You get this and that content, nothing more than television. And when it comes to the most popular YouTubers can’t be separated from filmmaking.

If a YouTuber makes a film, it’s hard to say that they are a filmmaker. It’s like saying CinemaSins as a movie review. It’s just an insult to filmmakers in general where they put a lot of effort and passion into their work. On the other hand, YouTubers never put their own love. I’m talking about popular YouTubers, not underrated YouTubers who put so much effort and love into their content. I always watch them even though it is also difficult to survive on the platform. One reason is that users only eat what’s trending and others. It’s just so hard yet irony at the same time.

Talking about YouTuber, have you watched “Airplane Mode” directed by David Dinetz and Dylan Trussell? It’s a YouTuber movie with so many of your favorite actors. I introduced you to Logan Paul, Jake Paul, David Dobrik, Lele Pons, and so many lists. You even got Casey Neistat to gather with other actors. They gathered to make a “film” titled “Airplane Mode”. Looking at the poster is just makes me vomit already. I mean, a plane dab in the sky? Really? Is that what we come after? Yeah, it’s true and it’s very true. This is a spoof movie, or called spoof just makes everything look like an idiot, to Jim Abrahams‘ and Zucker brothers‘ “Airplane!” While critics and audiences consider “Airplane!” as one of the best comedy and parody movies ever, how come this film can fail?

Well, there is just one answer. Just because you are a YouTuber, just because you take cameras and vlog, doesn’t mean you are a filmmaker or an actor. I mean, if we say they are actors, it seems relevant. I say relevant because you can see how YouTubers create dramas by creating new characters. If you never realize it, I don’t know what else to say. One unique thing about this movie is the production. The movie starts to produced in 2016. Just this year you can watch this movie. I don’t know what the problem was behind this film production. Yet, it makes sense. You got Paul brothers, you got one of the most controversial YouTubers, and you got many other internet celebrities, I mean, actors.

Actually, what’s with this film? Read the synopsis on IMDb, I don’t understand at all. It’s very difficult also to say that this is a film referring to millennial kids and teenagers. On the other hand, most of the content is full of so much explicit content, gross humor, and racist jokes. At the end of the day, Paul brothers wrote the screenplay for this movie. What a punchline. Everything in this movie is random. You got this surreal gags, or I can say surreal with no kick whatsoever. And this film is just hard to sit on because you have to hold back how annoying this film is. You get Lele Pons humor where the entire sequence is full of scream and noisy. You got this terrorist jokes because one of the YouTubers, Anwar Jibawi, is stereotypical of Arabic, I think? I’m astonished by this work.

Man, the performance. How do I say it? For instance, you are walking around the park to enjoy and refresh your mood. Suddenly, there is one guy trying to penetrate your private wall and space. How do you describe it? I can’t afford it. This is very, very different from the types of films like “Plan 9 from Outer Space” or “The Room”. I don’t know how important this movie. It doesn’t know what to say. Logan Paul and his friends are just not actors, I mean, they aren’t actors. They are just popular YouTubers who are trying to make cash-grab movies so that millennial kids can eat them. At the end of the day, who knows that out there, there are so many filmmakers who still have passion and skill? On the other hand, you got this movie.

Yeah, besides racism jokes or something, you got this disgusting humor with so many stereotypical things to talk about. I also wonder why Logan Paul can only read the minds of people, especially gay people. I didn’t know this film was trying to kidnap my brain from inside my head. If it’s about money and millennial kids, then why does this movie have so much sex, incest, homophobic and necrophilia jokes? And one more thing that I hate the type of comedy, especially American comedy films, which is the reference. Yes, there is so much media that do this type of things but you feel the jokes because it fits with the context.

This movie pretends to be the next Jason Friedberg’s and Aaron Seltzer’s D.E.D. trilogy. You know what movie I am talking about. “Date Movie”, “Epic Movie”, and “Disaster Movie”. Yeah, both the trilogy and this movie are no different. Altogether the worst comedy you have ever watched. In a nutshell, “Airplane Mode” is more suitable for you to use as an interrogation tool, but never watch this movie all again.

0.5 out of 5 stars.

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