Epic (2013) – A World Beyond Imagination

The death of her mother brought Amanda Seyfried as Mary Katherine back to her father. Her father, Jason Sudeikis as Professor Bomba, is a researcher. He has an obsession with the world of a fairy tale in the forest. He could prefer to call these as little humans. However, Bomba’s bad attitude made Mary angry. She now understood what was the reason for his mother to leave him. It’s a long story to tell but more she forgot about it. It didn’t take long for Mary decides to leave home. Not have much time to leave her home, Mary’s body suddenly becomes small; it’s the size of the small human whose father has been researching all this time.

The main heroine has to deal with the efforts of the human flock led by Colin Farrell as Ronin. As a condition for her body to return to normal, Mary must strive to restore the forest ecosystem. She must face a threat from Christoph Waltz as Mandrake and thousands of Boggans. “Epic” isn’t an Epic movie probably because the title itself was quite uninspiring. Blue Sky Studios was previously successful with series such as “Ice Age” and “Rio”. Directed by Chris Wedge, this movie is an “epic” tale about cliché families. It’s a black and white conflict about good against evil. And other elements about the meaning of a family. So shallow.

The first opening shot is so imaginative yet manipulative. It starts with an unbroken shot to shot between the professor and the fantasy. It portrayed in an out-of-focus way to leave dust, fingerprints, armor, etc. On the other hand, this is a way to manipulate yourself. You see, it’s animation so maybe there is nothing to worry about this movie. It’s not an entire representation of the movie. What they are trying to do here is to keep everybody from leaving out. “Epic” is a hint to everybody, cunningly used so many cliches in any works. The result was this movie.

So, what’s this movie about? What this movie offered you off? The first thing I want to talk about is the characters and their tropes. You get this protagonist where she has to deal with her father’s obsession. Then, she comes across a hidden world, the Alice-in-Wonderland style. Introduced the leader, the strongest one. There is the queen who seems we already know what her fate will be at the end. There is this young warrior who later forms a bond and partner with the protagonist. And the most important things, you have to put the comic relief, comic sidekicks, or whatever. But, the beautiful forest is just so beautiful, so beautiful you easily very distracted with. You get this theme about the cycles of life. You know, the bad guy conquers the entire forest and then it dies.

There is a reason why I watch this movie. You know why? It’s because of college. I mean, that’s not the worse thing I did. Pretty good with the introduction so let’s start with other things to talk about this movie. Yeah, we know the case in this circumstance. You get the Leafmen as the good guys and the Boggans as the bad guys. It’s not that complex anyway and both of them it’s just a one-dimensional portrayal. Talking about design characters, would you guest this movie has the most annoying yet unfunny comic reliefs? Plus, I just feel bad too if I have to admit the movie has five screenwriters. Are one or two not enough? Well, on top of that, I just want to see Christoph Waltz plays as Christoph Waltz.

The stories and all of the things were just amazingly great for me. Yet, the compositions and expositions are great for animation. The action is thrilling with such nice and beautiful details of the background. The score by Danny Elfman catches you straight into the forest. Wedge said that this is a wonderful action-adventure movie, a quaint story. He wanted to make a gigantic blockbuster cinematic experience so that everyone in all circles could watch it. He played a fair enough game and it quite worked in this situation. “Epic” might not be a bad movie. It’s a melancholic beautiful movie, at least it’s not for me. But, the formula is not original and uninspiring.

“Epic” is another movie with uninspiring titles and everything but a decent family spectacle to everybody. A treatment for 3D viewers also doesn’t disappoint. The balanced tone is there, the conflict, and everything is just so simple. I don’t know, I don’t explain this film much from any perspective; unless I research this film using literary theories such as ecofeminism, environmentalists, and ecocriticism. At the onset, this is a great movie, especially for kids.

3 out of 5 stars.

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