Girly Air Force (Winter 2019) – Four Anima and a Funeral

The best combination I can come out with this anime is “DARLING in the FRANXX” met “Ace Combat”. I could make even more ridiculous combinations. I could say this is just another rip-off of “Arpeggio of Blue Steel”. Come to think of it, “Girly Air Force” also, at the same time, aired with “The Magnificent Kotobuki”. It’s another show about military and plane. Well, this isn’t a new trend because turn objects into cute girls aren’t something new. I think I feel deja vu here. Did I ever say that we also got a doujin where a doorknob turns into an anime girl? I mean, if I forget, I’m sorry I have to say it again.

In terms of quality, “Girly Air Force” isn’t that bad. But, I don’t understand what cracks they can come up with. To be honest, I don’t know what this show is about. Does this anime refer to people who love airplanes, I mean, love airplanes? The concept of aliens invasion isn’t a new concept I see. Science fiction in anime always plays out of mind. You get anime such as “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and “Code Geass”. For other reasons, anime like “DARLING in the FRANXX” came crawling to the ground and became our savior and prophet.

“Girly Air Force” centered on Kei, the protagonist, encounters by chance. Kei meets a mysterious Anima girl called Gripen, stranded after successfully saving Kei and other ship passengers. Yet, they just kissed already. You can imagine how the protagonist reacts. Still, you don’t know the reason. Maybe it’s because I don’t know how a relationship is but come on, you can come with something new. Instead, do you get the pattern here? It’s like the first episode of “DARLING in the FRANXX” where the protagonist and heroine’s situation was on the corner. Plus, didn’t I mention the character design of the heroine, pink hair?

You think you would get a “cute girls doing cute things” show, right? Yet, you are wrong. The story didn’t have enough story and development about them; besides focusing on the chemistry between the two. It’s just there, don’t know whether the two of them were in a fiction or not. Sure, it’s a bad joke. Regardless of focusing on the main protagonist and heroine relationship, it gets worse when the show introduces more other heroines. You got this childhood friend, the active one with annoying tropes, and the passive but more aggressive. The show fails at it. We don’t have enough material so we don’t care about all of them including the protagonist too.

I have also mentioned we get other heroines. There are Eagle and Phantom. One more thing, this isn’t a harem show which is kind of disappointing of course. I mean, I’m happy if this isn’t a harem. But, the show seems to be trying so hard. Many heroines surrounded the protagonist. Above all, this wasn’t a harem show. While there is a potential with Phantom personality, it’s just bad when, back again, the show surprised with its existence. It didn’t know where to go. In the most show, we don’t forget Minghua, another pointless character, either plot device or whatever, there is nothing.

I also want to say that the ending (yes, the ending) sucks. But, there is potential when the story explores the dehumanization of Xi and Anima. It only happens at the end of the story. Besides, it’s just another default template and copy-paste from your favorite anime. On the other hand, I also surprised with this anime. They wanted this anime to be a slice of life in general. Instead, you get generic action and you also get a slice of life. I just don’t get it honestly and I also don’t want to understand it.

Satelight produces a lot of decent anime but one of them is good. There are “Hellsing Ultimate”, “Log Horizon”, “Nanbaka”, “Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen” and many more. “Girly Air Force” isn’t one of them yet just a decent work by them. The visual is decent but the animation has its essence. The action didn’t work well but it’s just there with no anything what’s going on. Solid and monotonous isn’t the right word. Explaining it in words seems rather difficult unless you have to see it. Nothing new with the character design, it’s like another reject design from another decent anime.

This is one of the shows I don’t enjoy. It takes times so that I can digest each episode. For weeks, I just stuck with this anime even though I know it I couldn’t go through. Yet, I have principles, start something and finish it to the end. I mean, I have seen worse than this. “Girly Air Force” is a mindless, pointless, whatever science fiction adventure you just have to give it a monotone value. I don’t have any words.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

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