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To be an artist, there must be a sacrifice. Artists such as Ludwig van Beethoven had his sacrifice. Referred to as one of the greatest composers, he had to live his life with bipolar. Vincent van Gogh took his own life after living with anxiety and depression. There was also Kurt Cobain, living dependent on drugs and having to end his life with a suicide note. I think “Inside Llewyn Davis” is one of the best films of the decade. It set in 1961: tells the story of a folk musician, Oscar Isaac as Llewyn Davis, in his darkest days.

A bearded man with his guitar who love sing a folk song and has a furry yellow cute cat. This film is more than interesting anymore and so special. Dave Van Ronk inspired Ethan Coen and Joel Coen to write “Inside Llewyn Davis”. They pulled us to see a week of tragic yet bitter life from an amateur folk musician in 1961. But, this film isn’t Coen brothers typical in general. Not “crime gone wrong” with a twist. This is more like “A Serious Man” but with more sense of the dark. Llewyn Davis, after his music partner killed himself, realized he embedded on a barren of pitfall. A thousand miles to nothing, he is just a passenger, has no home, and his solo career isn’t went well.

We get to know Llewyn Davis more personally. Every time he touches something, it falls apart. He isn’t a visionary but never think anything. However, being a musician isn’t a passion for him but it has become part of his work and life. He is also too arrogant to be a musician, envious of other musicians who are better than him. On the other hand, he is a stubborn but not typical douchebag or idiot character in the Coen brothers universe. Moreover, when he left his cat in the middle of the road, I didn’t hate him as well. I knew how he was dealing with all those mess days after days.

In most Coen brothers movies, everything was gray from its characters, tones, and others. “Inside Llewyn Davis” has the touch of directors, directed uniquely, quieter, darker, but more peaceful. Especially if you aren’t a fan of folk music, it’s a great movie by the way. I don’t hear the songs or musicians of the genre other than Johnny Cash, John Denver, and Bob Dylan. However, when Oscar Isaac sang “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me”, just amazed me by the gloomy lyrics; reflections from the protagonist’s life.

The further this film goes, the more I fall in love with it more than Coen brothers works. It’s not because of the story, the music, or the cinematography by Bruno Delbonnel. But, it’s about how it relates so much to us. Roundly, this movie is flawless from its performance, scripts, etc. regardless of this is a Coen Brothers’ simple movie. In most Coen brothers movies, there is satire and black comedy. Yet, you don’t find dead people like in all of their movies in general. Comedy isn’t too dominant or rather, it’s not funny at all. It’s just all irony and tint characteristic, like, we’ve met all these characters in real life. It’s just too realistic if I think.

Day after day, Llewyn Davis is a mess. His temper was irritating but even stranger when he met Jim, Jean, Roland Turner, and Al Cody. However, “Inside Llewyn Davis” has the main key of why I called this a great movie. The music is one of the key elements of why this film is interesting. If it wasn’t Oscar Isaac and his music, this movie would be dull. Just the first opening sequence, I don’t know what I’ll get later. There are Bob Dylan’s songs as well because this is the 60s with a retro vibe. Visually, this movie is gray as well just like its characters and tones. The tone is dark, more impressed with a mixture of blue and gray.

This isn’t one of the best Coen brothers works according to many people. They are a few disappointment when they expected “No Country for Old Men” or “Fargo“. Yet, “Inside Llewyn Davis” is broadly a great “biopic”. The plot doesn’t drive the movie straight forward because it’s just random like in “A Serious Man”. Aside from a representation of how a person was in the darkness, the movie isn’t too optimistic. It didn’t know what this movie is about.

The movie has no end, I mean, no end. The beginning is just the ending and vice versa. Although, there are thousands of meanings when you try to convey what it is. Just like the movie, it found a lot of random events and characters. And for some reason, the cat in this film isn’t just a cat. There are a metaphor and common thread between the protagonist and other characters; and the cat.

“Inside Llewyn Davis” is tragic, melancholy, sad, bitter, dark, yet charming, one of the best from Coen brothers. Full of meaning and thousands of beauties enveloping, various aspects completing each other. You get one of the flawless films, a reflection of how bad you are in reality. It’s quiet, dark, yet beautiful. However, this film heads away from the mainstream audience too. You may find this film boring for sure. We learn how to be a big influence on people not just waiting and relying upon something. In a nutshell, you have to sacrifice something to achieve what you want to achieve.

5 out of 5 stars.

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