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Who would have thought I could watch a movie directed by Fred Durst? Yes, besides he is the lead vocalist of Limp Bizkit, he is actually a filmmaker and screenwriter. I mean, he also directed “The Education of Charlie Banks” starring Jesse Eisenberg and “The Longshots” starring Ice Cube. But, this is just amazing for me. I love films like this, in other words, psychology thriller or things about dark or reality of this world. Well, as one of those people who love the type of movie like this, my wish came true. Plus, how could this be bad because this is Fred Durst?

Most people called this movie “Taxi Driver” or any psychological thriller masterpiece you could really think of it. But, it’s really hard too if I could call this movie as the Martin Scorsese predecessor. The movie starts with a little bit yet not really annoying about John Travolta as the fanatic named Moose. He is a fan of his favorite horror actor, Hunter Dunbar (Devon Sawa). In other words, it’s a movie about fanboys, with a little twist but it never really works actually. The way John Travolta portrayed this “psychological” character was funny. I mean, it’s a dark movie with a sensitive theme. But, the way this character works as if to insult certain groups which were very difficult to laugh and to be serious.

Anyway, Moose always haunts the whereabouts of the actor, Hunter, wherever he goes, he would always be there. But, it’s also kind of weird from the other side when the other character’s perspective still doesn’t really work well. We have no conflict between the two except Hunter just being rude to Moose and Moose wasn’t self-aware. They both always pick bad decisions no matter what their situation was, it’s just so funny to laugh at. But, it’s also hard because this is a dark and sensitive movie. Hunter is a prick and always starts aggressive fights, whether Moose is trying to be nice, it’s just laughable where this universe exists. I mean, come think of this movie as in reality. If you find a famous actor who accidentally makes trouble in public, there would be just one person who will frame the incident. This movie doesn’t work like that.

Still, this is a horror movie directed by Durst and do you still think again if you still watch the psychological dark thriller or whatever? Such types of films are indeed difficult to work on and it takes a lot of research to form a character. But, it seems like there is no common sense here you would think you’d better just laugh. The point of this movie is to represent Moose as this “autism” character in such ways. But, it’s also jarring if you better understand this film from the director’s mind. In essence, there is no actual character in here.

I also can’t blame Travolta’s performance at this point and in fact, it’s him that makes this movie so “enjoyable” enough. And come to think of it, there is the Limp Bizkit song in this movie. I mean, it has nothing to do with the story or anything, but it really adds value to this movie if you were so tired as well. It seems like Durst doesn’t have what every director makes. Is it a talent? An experience? Budget? Trademark? Well, this movie is beyond any movie in general. It’s so laughable, this movie is… you know, bad? I mean, “bad” is an obscene and overrated word. What is the right word to summarize this film? I don’t know or does this film have no words? It depends too.

Well, honestly, this movie has decent cinematography and score. The plot, yeah, I mean, plot, is straightforward regardless this is a complex movie. Yes, I’m sure Fred Durst actually never hated mentally disabled people. He just needs an essence, I think, as a filmmaker. On the other hand, “The Fanatic”, of course, is a bad movie but really, it’s more an entertainment and hard to say this as “so bad it’s good” as well. It just depends on each of every one of you.

2 out of 5 stars.

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