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“Servant x Service” is Karino Takatsu’s slice of life show, well-known of “Working!!” as well, a 4-coma manga adaptation. There is nothing else I can deny from both anime. Both of them have the same element, a slice of life with different themes, the restaurant, and the office. You know, what is interesting in working in the office? I don’t see such things why people serving there. However, this anime reveals from a different perspective. It’s about how a civil servant lives their daily life. They really like to complain, swear to each other, a bit of romance; and a teddy bear as your boss. I mean, this is serious. But, this is just a solid story from the life of the civil servant.

Although “Servant x Service” took the theme of office employees, it’s not about the show totally covers all its elements. You know, society and government. In this anime, you will not see the black-and-white side of an office employee. It’s more focused on the main character along with their complaints. With the theme as a civil servant, the premise is simple but presented in such a way. It doesn’t seem stiff and excessive in discussing the theme. Certainly in an unusual way.

Yutaka Hasabe (Tatsuhisa Suzuki) is the most carefree characters of all. His principle as if not want to appear with a genius look. But, he can do everything and almost nothing he can’t do. His cool, calm, relaxed, lazy in every sequence. Moreover, he often foolish the main heroine, Lucy Yamagami (Ai Kayano). Regardless this character has a very long name, I’ll just call her Lucy. Sometimes, Hasabe doesn’t often get out of his character. His character isn’t as balanced as other characters on the first impression. But, I don’t think as a shortcoming.

Lucy is a serious-minded character. She often created tense by the things around her. In addition, she doesn’t look too redundant with the clothes she often wears but has its fanservice by the audience. She has a plain trait until her innocence looks always impersonated by other characters. Saya Miyoshi (Mai Nakahara) is a character I don’t really see the privilege. However, the words she often uttered always draw depression things so there are running gags. This character is also one of my experiences from one of the episodes. It discussed with its saturation. I immediately realized I also experienced this, very affected in the heart for you who have felt it as well.

The art looks very dull to me. A-1 Pictures worked on so many popular anime such as “Sword Art Online”, and “Your Lie in April”. On the other side, “Servant x Service” didn’t seem to fascinate me to discuss this aspect. However, I don’t think this is one of the worse. The art served as a slice of life anime in general like “Working!!”. It just makes no difference. So, I pass it.

The opening is the best. Just like “Working!!”, “Servant x Service” with the opening song, “May I Help You?”, is so damn catchy. All the heroines sang the entire opening theme song. I also don’t admire if there are so many voice actors in this anime. They come out of their characters I often hear other than this show. For examples such as Tatsuhisa Suzuki who fills Yutaka Hasabe’s. His character is slightly different from other characters such as Ban from “The Seven Deadly Sins“. It’s often similar as well to Hiroomi Nase from “Beyond the Boundary”. Just like Ai Kayano and Aki Toyosaki. Ai Kayano with Lalatina Dustiness Ford from “KonoSuba” and Shiro from “No Game No Life”. While Aki Toyosaki with Yui Hirasawa from “K-ON!“. But, it doesn’t change my opinion about this anime.

I enjoy the whole story in this anime. I don’t really think this show has its own flaws. I’m aware, watching this thing is like turn your brain off. We just want to refresh our brain by watching the type of anime like this. I mean, we always watched anime with a complex story. This is one anime it doesn’t make me regret a bit. The whole episode is worthy.

“Servant x Service” is a slice of life anime with so many humor and gags in each of every episode. Not too funny but it sure will make you laugh. We watch too many complex stories and we certainly want to turn our brain off. But, this is something I love. Adapted the theme of an office worker with an experience of peers; pain as well as romance spice on it. Other popular voice actors make this anime add value to its plus. With a so catchy and memorable opening song, it actually beyond expectation.

4 out of 5 stars.

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