22 Jump Street (2014) – Not 21 Anymore

Cynics were the very first trait of humans or audiences when a classic television series got a new film adaptation. In fact, after expressing a negative and sarcastic view of the film, they then ate their own trap. “21 Jump Street” isn’t only a commercial success but a quality success. The criticism then turns into a compliment. There is no doubt they are also planning a sequel of a misadventure story between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. After the circulation of narcotics among youth, skepticism returned to fulfill themselves. Bigger and wider, this film is nothing more than repetition.

The story starts with Schmidt and Jenko back to college. After they disguised themselves as teenagers, now they must investigate an act of crime under the leadership of Captain Dickson (Ice Cube). At the same time, they moved to 22 Jump Street. The captain assigned them to trace the presence of a drug supplier, Whyphy, after being widely circulated in a university. This case also almost made their friendship threatened to crack due to the presence of a third person.

Compared to sequels in general, “22 Jump Street” is naturally more lively, crazier, and even more ridiculous than the first movie. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller embraced previous great success through “The Lego Movie”. They were fully aware of this, so they began working on the second movie of this series. In this film, they still retain all the best elements of the predecessor. Then, they double in this sequel as well. Madness is becoming increasingly chaotic, never imagined when laughter is a powerful medicine for humans. And it really works better than the first movie.

For filmmakers, especially in the United States and also comedy genre films, they do a lot of sarcasm with an explicit, pervert, and disgusting theme. Don’t forget also with parody humor, references from popular culture and others. And “22 Jump Street” really used these elements. The film progressively ties a decision between the script and gives more attention to the dynamics between these two main characters. Finally, it’s not really about them doing silly things but they are more intimate, warm, sticky, like a bromance. Not only with Schmidt and Jenko, but they also give us a chance to laugh as well as we give an opportunity so they can do anything. Therefore, they get memorable moments besides it’s just not about their comedy and their idiots.

Compared to a lot of people really praised this movie, I prefer the first movie. However, I like this film too especially when Ice Cube came on screen. I’ll never forget Ice Cube being insane during the scene of a parent meeting and he starts to explode to even blame a plant. So funny. But, on the other hand, there is also a twist in this film but it doesn’t punch too hard in my face. The sequel slightly reduces the portion of its adventure but doesn’t ruin the element of preoccupation itself. Instead of taking a different path, this film repeats what’s in the first movie. Meta jokes and others, of course, I’ve never forgotten how epic the credit scene was.

This movie almost made me forget what a comedy film really is. There is action, comic, etc. regardless of they still use the same format as the first movie. At least, “22 Jump Street” binds tightly between the audience and chemistry between the protagonists, ridiculous, funny, but also melancholy.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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