21 Jump Street (2012) – The Mean Streets

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s “21 Jump Street” is an adaptation of the 80s television series. The series successfully launched Johnny Depp’s name and both of them were non-serious films without brains. Both films have the same uniqueness that’s they intend to be silly films. But, it’s also hard if I try to compare this film with the 80’s television series. I have never watched the series and I don’t even remember if I ever watched it. On the other hand, “21 Jump Street” reminds you of chemistry duos such as Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, and Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. In this film, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum spread their chemistry and charm.

The first opening sequence starts with “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem and our character, Eminem-like, enters a school. Yes, he wasn’t Eminem but Jonah Hill as Morton Schmidt. More precisely, Jonah Hill is playing as Jonah Hill. He was playful and has been the target bully of popular kid including Channing Tatum as Greg Jenko. When they were at school, they were enemies because they opposed each other. However, after seven years had passed, Schmidt and Jenko again met at a police academy. Two people who were once enemies are now meeting their weaknesses with one another.

Schmidt is weak in the athletic field while Jenko is weak in the theoretical field. Schmidt was better at helping him improve his theory test scores. On the contrary, Jenko helped Schmidt pass the physical exam. Finally, the two become friends. Until they became real police, they were always compact as well as their foolishness and ridiculousness. On the same day, they began to dive into a unique disguise called 21 Jump Street. Headquartered in a church, they have a duty to disguise themselves as teens in school. They have a mission to catch the drug kingpin.

“21 Jump Street” is like an addiction where you forgot where you are but you also watch this movie many times after a year or two. Yes, I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this film. I was satisfied laughing when I first watched it, I didn’t know what exactly was thought of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller at the time. How do they project every writing, every dialogue, and every action in this film? Every minute is full of madness. There are so many swearing, slapstick humor, disgusting humor, and humor about bollocks. It all became funny because the film spewed out raw.

This film is a typical teen-style movie but with a combination of “Bad Boys”. It’s light and doesn’t need to rely on a brain to understand every event in this film. All is not serious so we just have to laugh in this scene. The stupidity of Hill and Tatum duo, they are up to what they want to respond to, what they want to be, and what they want to tell. We just need a stupid movie like this sometimes where we just get tired too with movies in general. We just to be stupid to be able to not predict the twist. It’s better if you enjoy silly, idiot, and stupid adventures from Schmidt and Jenko.

“21 Jump Street” becomes a flawless film, not a film without plot holes. The first act is too rushed so it’s easy to get distracted with so many things happening in one frame. At the beginning of the scene, the movie is too bland. However, this film uses a typical American joke, stereotypical crude humor, vulgar, and disturbing for those who aren’t familiar. Performance is not too prominent but the chemistry between the two characters really worked. Besides Tatum and Hill, there are Dave Franco, Brie Larson, and Ice Cube. And the most surprising thing about this movie is that Johnny Depp became a cameo too. What a twist to this movie.

The movie brings or spits out all of its humor in a full sarcastic tone. Yes, the movie is filled with so many cliché things but it’s just intentional. “21 Jump Street” is a clever movie when talking about comedy films yet one of the stupid movies of the year. No hard thinking with the plot. Just enjoys this movie. This is a hilarious comic movie.

4 out of 5 stars.

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