Sextuplets (2019) – Uncanny

I think we just tired of seeing how stereotypical black people are in films in general, especially comedy. For Marlon Wayans, it proves that he only plays as himself. It feels like I’m watching a “movie”, I mean, a “movie” in my deep underground list. I pick at this movie because I saw this as the most popular on the internet let alone, a new project from Netflix. This isn’t about Marlon Wayans casting seven characters simultaneously or arguably, this is a being-Marlon-Wayans I guess. Wayans knows what he was doing in this film, knows how attractive all these characters were. However, just sad if this movie wasted so much charisma, energy, and potential because of the script.

In the “Sextuplets” universe, we don’t have anything to talk with. All of the characters spent a lot of non-sense without knowing how to be serious or funny. All of these characters are flat, works like it’s just put on screen without any depth or anything. It tells about Wayans as Alan, trying to find his biological mother and his other siblings after years of being thrown off. It’s just starting at there for no obvious reason or how it just exists like that. The movie never thought about how all these characters become one. One character doesn’t recognize why he exists in such situations and the other is just gone whatsoever.

In addition, Wayan managed to handle all these characters let alone in a frame, he had to play these characters interchangeably. He limits all of these through physical appearance, manner of speaking, and stereotypical in general. The comedy isn’t really funny and if you think that comedy is subjective, you are wrong. I mean, come on, I’m also laughing in this film at least but it’s just dragging you along when Alan starts meeting other characters one by one. It’s just annoying, with so many cliches and the use of the same sentence, you know, because they are siblings, right?

So how do you actually start this? Well, let’s start with Alan, the most normal and human being character among all his siblings. There is Russell as the most stereotypical fat guy who really loves eating cereal and making fat jokes. I mean, we know the reason if it’s not a product placement, right? There is Dawn, Alan’s sister, as the most annoying and aggressive character besides just troubling and pushing the situation into more worse. There is Ethan as a pimp. Really? And the other characters which it didn’t really need to mention because they aren’t worthy.

“Sextuplets” follow the same format from the beginning to the end. The movie is just so lazy to put anything to the scene besides cars driving, soundtrack or songs, and random jokes. Did I forget I also mentioned stereotypical jokes? Or what about all of these characters? I don’t understand why at all. While the movie really, really focuses on the meaning of a family or others, well, that’s not the point what this movie really has. I’m just interested in seeing Wayans on the screen at once, like watching a sketch video on YouTube where a guy plays one character to another and throw a funny joke. But, it’s just a ridiculous comparative I think.

Hardly enough, I enjoy road trip films like this and in terms of enjoyable, it really works. However, I can’t change the fact that “Sextuplets” is not an uncanny movie with so many wackiness, wittiness, and whatever. Everything is bland, flat, and solid, with absurdity, never seen or real pure on-screen. Especially if all the humor is inspired by “The Rockford Files”. Yet, what exactly is this?

1 out of 5 stars.

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