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I would never have thought if Bob Odenkirk in this movie cast as a Mr. President of the United States. Nobody thought at all. But what joke was really needed from Jonathan Levine? In fact, this is also another Seth Rogen movie. In addition, Charlize Theron as a secretary of the United States became a hippie while smoking weed and negotiating with the state. Why not? In fact, such jokes become a satire from both sides either from a political perspective, journalism or just as a film in general. At first, I thought this was a film about how long a shot was in a film; like in “Birdman”. However, it’s ridiculous to see if this is a Seth Rogen movie.

“Long Shot” is not a long shot. With all possibilities, this is a short distance from reality. All the oddities seem rooted in a ridiculous fan-fiction fantasy from a director. In addition, this film is a commentary about the world is very strange. As is the case with Charlize Theron as Charlotte Field as well, Secretary of the United States of America. After hearing the news Mr. President wants to pursue a career through acting, Field has the opportunity to become the first female president in America. Field began designing a plan so as to get a lot of public sympathies. First, she must fix her sense of humor. Second, she must improve her way of waving to society. And third, she must start to watch “Game of Thrones”, don’t read the synopsis on Wikipedia or anything.

On the other hand, there was Seth Rogen as Fred Flarsky, with a strange fantasy from his childhood and had once been raised by Field. Secretly, Flarsky had a crush with his babysitter, even now he never forgot he was still alone with his boner. Field is now one of the most influential figures in the United States. But Flarsky? He was still wary even though he had eccentric writing as a journalist after an anti-Jewish organization almost killed him. I mean, you will never see Seth Rogen again as a Jew.

After being interested in Flarsky’s vulgar article style, Field invited Flarsky to write his personal speech. Spur an impossible love story between journalists and politicians, when love is too important compared to the state of the country, and when love is broken for the sake of electability. Well, I don’t have to get into the realm of politics other than this is a romantic comedy movie between a journalist and a politician. Because, we watch a movie, pay for a ticket, to watch a film. It’s not about comments, ideas, criticism, etc. but this is a movie.

“Long Shot” is a charm between two characters falling in love. Field and Flarsky looked cute together while Theron herself never felt stuttering casting the character of a woman in power. I mean, this is also the first time seeing Theron as a normal character while all of her movies always look powerful and more impressed as an antagonist. She cast as this Secretary of State, trying to negotiate with terrorists while being high. She almost exploited Mr. President because of the effects of drugs. Plus, there was Roxette in this movie, feeling the traces of early-adolescent love slowly getting bigger.

Seth Rogen is wise in showing a little silence to balance the chemistry between Theron’s. Because Seth Rogen in this movie is just Seth Rogen. There is a weed, Seth Rogen’s own humor, political humor, and other humor. The conflict between Field and Flarsky arises when there is a difference between them. The personification of a classic, taboo relationship between journalism and politics is interesting. But, who is the antagonist? Public and the people around them. Their relationship is adversarial, contradictory, and could change the way people think through a matter. When a journalist tells the truth about the government, the politician tries to make her image public. The chemistry between these two characters is there, truly exposes, and needs one another. You know what? Because love is between them.

The idea of this film begins to fall when there is no space so that the two characters remain balanced. In the end, this film is more fantasy than rom-com about politics and journalists; or indeed whether the director has the intention as well. I don’t know but I prefer this film from a fantasy point of view and it also leads to satire. You will never see again when Theron is the first female president in the United States. However, she still said vulgar things, smoked marijuana, and had sex with the protagonist. And just like Seth Rogen as Seth Rogen.

“Long Shot” is a rom-com stage about political satire through fantasy but it’s difficult to balance certain aspects. However, we just want to watch movies and Levine does have the idea we also want to watch a film. The main character’s motives don’t really produce whether the character’s good or bad, no matter where they were. Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen show strong chemistry between their two characters. But, I’m willing to bet I still don’t understand with its title. But, it’s not really a matter anyway.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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