Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) – Long Live the King

Michael Dougherty provides a more portion of the battle between Kaiju in “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”. Yet, Godzilla isn’t the only Kaiju who dwells in dark places in this world. In this sequel of 2014, there are more than 10 Titans ready to intervene to face humanity and Godzilla. From now on, Godzilla is on the side of humanity at some point he would turn around and side again. However, we cannot sympathize with humanity here. They are just boring, greedy, arrogant, stupid, idiotic and selfish creatures. They couldn’t help seeing so many Titans created into a nuclear weapon.

“King of the Monsters” contains two human sides with different goals. First, there are those who want to live side by side with Godzilla. Second, there are those who want to control the Titans in order to wipe out the human population and start a new world. These two humans are fighting for each other what they have, allowing them to also be able to communicate with the Titans. However, they are just hanging around, sleeping, and doing nothing while humans are trying to disturb them. There was Ghidora as the king while Godzilla tried to take his king’s throne together with Mothra, the queen of the monsters.

Earth becomes an epic scale battleground with apocalypse nuances, in contrast to the 2014 or 1998 versions which only put the other side of a Kaiju film. In addition, thanks to the bad side who managed to wake all of the Titans sleeping in Earth’s crust. Because, I want to see Kaiju battle with another Kaiju, not an internal or eternal conflict between humans. So why do I like this film while I don’t particularly like the Gareth Edwards one? Because this is what we want, this is what the fans actually want. “King of the Monsters” has a lot of well-known monsters as well as making Godzilla fans howling and screaming happily. There are Godzilla, Rodan, and Monster Zero? I mean, King Ghidorah there.

“King of the Monsters” has many captivating and cool visual effects, surpassing the 2014 version. This film can think of creative ways to make these monsters fight. Even more impressive, there is a lighter environment even though just one. In contrast to Kaiju films in general, they always put them in a dark or night environment. As well as “Pacific Rim” although this movie is just amazing as well. They fought and they were given many screens so they could defeat and eat each other. Imagine if the toys you have had as a kid and it actually exists in this film. This film is a real dream for adults but I don’t know what about teenagers.

The plot (yes, there was a plot) tells the story of the Russell family. In an incident five years ago, Mark (Kyle Chandler) and Emma (Vera Farmiga) divorced because of the death of their son. They both have views on this incident. Mark is more likely to hate Godzilla forever while Emma continues to experiment with the development of tools to interact with the Titans. Madison (Millie Bobby Brown) chooses to live with her mother because her parents are in opposition. They are on different sides.

In “Godzilla” 2014, I like Bryan Cranston and it seems like everyone agrees with this statement. Until the second and third act, everything is a collapse. In “King of the Monsters”, the main conflicts and plots of humans are never discussed and explored deeper. The movie just focused on monsters. I mean, what is our main point of watching Kaiju movie, which is seeing lots of family scenes and others? Is it really like that? If only I wanted to say this was an arthouse, would I really want to see acting, scripts, cinematography, etc.? It seems not because I don’t want to discuss this more deeply.

Yes, the script, performance, and chemistry, everything except Kaiju is bad. Human characterization cannot do anything other than just following Godzilla where he goes. Exposition or whatever, I don’t really care about this. Obviously, the audience seems to notice irregularities in this film. The character of humans doesn’t have a dialogue like the dialogue in general. It’s like they talk like robots. Wait, did I just say that? Robot? I think the audience doesn’t need to focus on or nitpicking something unimportant. It’s like I want to see “Jurassic Park” or “Pacific Rim” and I prefer the human side to the blockbuster elements. Yes, both films have good characterization and how the protagonist’s point of view is able to express sympathy. On the other hand, not for this movie and we don’t have to earn anything with this movie except Godzilla.

So is this a good movie? Yes. Is this a worthy movie to watch? Yes. If you want to see Godzilla, this is the movie. “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” is really not a masterpiece or generic but there are so many spectacular scenes in the form of giant monsters and natural disasters. Exposition, performance, there is a potential but they all throw it away. I’ve also watched “Kong: Skull Island” and sure enough, we just can’t wait “Godzilla vs. Kong “.

3.5 out of 5 stars.