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The man, the myth, the legend, the true art of “Pop Team Epic”. This is an anime that changed the internet for a long time, changed something that was mistaken in anime. Most importantly, it made the internet love this anime. Nothing else, it’s about non-sense and meme which is the one thing that the internet really love, that everybody cannot wait for the first episode. It’s one thing that makes some different opinion on forum discussions.

I heard that this anime has the deepest regrets for the director, Jun Aoki, and the staffs. They think this series as one of the most bizarre yet absurd shows they just created. I’m not saying this anime isn’t fit to watch by normies or anything. In addition, I also didn’t forbid those who try to understand it. This is a great anime for everyone to watch and I also get the satirical jokes about something popular on the internet. But, you can’t stop this satirical duo.

It’s not like you want to enjoy the story rather than find the plots. If you are looking for something to do with it, this isn’t your cup of tea. “Pop Team Epic” takes a lot of various references in the movie as well as something more mainstream or popular. But, it makes all the reference in a satirical and funny way. Of course, they were in different contexts. It’s about memes and internet mixed together. In addition, this anime is not self-explanatory. It doesn’t show it all clearly as if you had some knowledge about the internet then you will understand the jokes.

“Pop Team Epic” is random. Sometimes, you don’t know it because of the weirdness you can’t think what really happened. Some of which I notice without looking at references on the internet is “Your Name”, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, “My Neighbor Totoro”, and “Guardians of the Galaxy”. There is also “The Shining”, “Undertale”, “Street Fighter”, “Ghostbuster”, Marylin Monroe, and “Chrono Trigger”. At first, I thought I was wrong when watching this anime on the first or there was a glitch. The first thing you saw was typical mediocre romance anime; the stories I always see in the community.

But, it’s in satire way at all. In addition, this anime only provides an 11 or 12-minutes collection of segments and eventually it comes the credit. However, they repeat it twice with the same story but little difference in the first half, change the seiyuu and give a satirical impression again. If all anime has half an hour of each episode, why not repeat the first segment so that the duration is enough? Maybe, that’s what the author thinks so the director himself also doesn’t know what he wants to make.

It’s a sketch comedy with absurd sketch animation and art. This anime exceeds its own creativity and interest. There are some interesting meta-humors as well. Sometimes, this anime mocks something related to the rest of the tropes. Some of it I don’t understand. Sometimes, they come in various forms ranging from painted temporary, stop motion, original, quirky, fresh and others. In addition, they also have special things to do that.

One of the segments I like best is when Pipimi fantasizes about a two live-action person. He manipulating sketchbook pages but in a satirical context. It’s so hard to explain how the segment works if you see it right away. The transition often calls questions when a French animator or something like that tells about the next segment in French speech. It’s not self-explanatory, again, because many viewers are trying to understand that as well. At last, they come with many creativity and absurd way to make some jokes become on and on for the main focus regardless of how the context is and I agree, this is so random too.

There is a lot of seiyuu who participates in this project such as Ayana Taketatsu, Yuki Kaji, Aoi Yuuji, Yoko Hikasa, and others. There are so many of which I can’t mention one by one and their roles. Even Joey Bizinger a.k.a. The Anime Man participate in this series too. You can see him, or heard him, in the ninth episode. As I said before, the first segment involving the rest of the voice actors. Somewhat, they were interesting and the second segment shows the same story, the same character, but a few difference: they changed the voice actors. Bottom line, it’s great to know all of these popular seiyuu participate in this anime but not all can also be noticed one by one and even then you also have to hear it twice.

What are you saying about the characters? It’s just a duo absurd heroine. They do a lot of randomness and satirical things. Popuko as the irritable short dude and Pipimi as the tall unshakeable. Not much to say about these duos who always insinuate with each other. Furthermore, you will see characters from the segment “Hoshiiro Girldrop”. it always is shown in the post-credit section and the beginning of the first episode but never participated in the story. Yeah, you don’t want that non-sense being to participate in the anime. Back again, it’s just an anti-mediocre anime, predictable, and fairly recognizable to audience perspective. Love the part when this thing comes out and I can laugh as much as I see the segment.

Yeah, I know it’s so hard to keep up with this anime because I just wanna see how this anime always update their knowledge about the internet. But, I’m also surprised because the author always showing so many pop culture. Sometimes, I didn’t really understand the jokes but I understand in other contexts. It’s funny but not in satirical ways. When I come to something that I know with my knowledge, I laugh as much.

I know what they want to mock like “The Shining” sequences, “Aliens” sequence, “Undertale”, and “Pokemon”. I would never suggest this anime to people who didn’t know anything about these references because I know they certainly will not like it. However, “Pop Team Epic” can actually be seen from various views because understanding in the context of satire will make you hard to get the jokes. Trying to understand the jokes you don’t understand would make you like a fool; tries to look edgy because of this anime.

It’s about memes, anti-anime, and satire. If you don’t like satire then you will never like this non-sense. This anime changes the internet forever and they will certainly love this anime. I remember the first time many people are waiting for the first episode because it’s one of them, one of the anticipated anime at the season. It’s hard to understand the jokes in this show because at least you must have some knowledge of something related to pop culture and the internet.

If you always join in the community, you’ll certainly know and understand comedy like this. Some I failed to understand the jokes but once in accordance with my knowledge, I laughed out loud until I forgot all segments before. “Pop Team Epic” is a show everyone would not really understand but you might be able to try it and your opinion is up to you if you say is bad or masterpiece.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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