Movie 43 (2013) – Cover Your Eyes, Block Your Ears

“Movie 43” came with many philosophical questions about the art of bad filmmaking. While the movie is talking about what Movie 43 really was, one question arises. Is it true that “Movie 43” a movie? Does “Movie 43” exist by itself? Why is this film an insult to filmmakers? You will never see Hugh Jackman again as a nice guy who has a testicle hang in his neck. There is Richard Gere in this film. Kate Winslet, why not? Naomi Watts? Emma Stone? Gerard Butler? How come Hollywood well-known actors could participate in this film?

An opportunity arose when I saw many philosophies and essay videos about this film. With the same question, this film is still debatable in the history of Hollywood and filmmaking. However, it’s unfortunate if this film just passed by, don’t know where this film goes. The only thing we are really aware of is that this film almost created a brand new doomsday. After an opportunity arrived, finally, for some reason, I was able to watch this film. As many people say, it doesn’t really matter if my opinion about this film is the same as people on the internet or who have watched this film.

“Movie 43” is an omnibus, in one film, there are many comedy sketch videos. Well, really hard to say this comedy or did the crew in this film watch “The Twilight Zone” and the idea just popped up in their head. This film is the same as watching short films on YouTube or you better watch Key and Peele, Studio C, Corridor, and others. Instead, what we got here is a group of kids who are trying to find what exactly Movie 43 was. By searching for Movie 43, they watch these short stories.

All of the sketch comedy cannot be separated from stories about blind dates, awkward romantic stories, disturbing moments, disgusting humor, and etc. Besides Hugh Jackman with his testicle in his neck, there are Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. There is a speed dating style of superheroes like Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, whatever. There is Terrence Howard about fighting the white men in a basketball game because they are black. So original, so original. Just put a lot of formats over and over again, continue to direct these sketch comedy so be “Movie 43”.

Richard Roeper had said “Movie 43” is a Citizen Kane of awful. Nevertheless, we don’t really think this movie as “Citizen Kane” closed because this is how talented filmmakers find it so difficult to move to Hollywood. Meanwhile, films like this exist and gain a lot of money again. Money is talking in this movie, Hollywood names spit on their chairs, for some reason, they take it for granted. This movie is crisp, a typical joke that even children don’t even get if it’s all funny. All of the humor comes like a crap reality TV show.

This is an embarrassment of humanity, the reason why aliens don’t want to invade earth. The film is shy to speak when it wants to swear or show explicit content. Like, just show those things. Why do you have to hold back at all costs? I know this movie is Rated R but this film seems to act as a PG-13. In all aspects, this film is amateur and seems to be just fun. Yet, childishness is why we are all angry because they show this in the theater. This is a movie, it came to the nearest theater.

Talking about this movie, a lot of fun when you read about fan theory about behind the scenes of this film. The most interesting theory is that all actors, crew, directors, writers, producers, are forced and threatened with a gun on their heads. The one it made the suspense again, who held them up? Does the Illuminati participate in this film while also having many product placements? If it’s for money, I think it’s impossible and if it’s fame, that’s impossible too. There are also those who say that they don’t think too much about this film as a film. It’s just for fun, back to the original topic again, how come and how could it be? The most unique part is that all actors, writers, and directors refuse to promote this film. So is it true that they were threatened? Is there more conspiracy than these?

Without all well-known actors, “Movie 43” is nothing like its sketches of joyous offensive, obscene, disgusting, yet insane. It’s one of the lazy films you really have ever do in Hollywood. In fact, you have wasted and destroyed other quality film opportunities just because of this movie. At least Johnny Knoxville is in this film. But, I just don’t want to see a cardboard cat masturbating looking at Josh Duhamel’s photo. Just amazing! Today, we still have difficulty answering whether “Movie 43” is a movie.

0.5 out of 5 stars.

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