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In Tate Taylor’s “Ma”, all characters make a dumb decision no matter what comes from the protagonist or antagonist; especially Octavia Spencer as a psycho. For Spencer, she just wanted to really enjoy this opportunity. For fans of horror films or not, we want to just see this movie because of Octavia Spencer. It’s one of the reasons why I watch this movie and don’t care about the rating or how the audience comments. Spencer and Taylor previously collaborated in “The Help”, a film it explores a common thread. Once casting in the sphere of horror, Spencer was so serious in exploring this film. Likewise with other actors.

This isn’t “Get Out” but the vibe was really similar to “Misery” especially the antagonist. Both of the movies have two characters in common namely calm characteristic but we never know what’s really behind all this. In this film, Sue Ann as Octavia Spencer is a lonely woman. She just needs help and friends in order to fulfill her loneliness. For this reason, she invited a group of teenagers after helping them buy the beer. Ann and the teenage group need each other. Until then, Ann began to be known among teenagers. Just repeat it over and over again and then you have it, one of the most boring movies you really don’t want to see.

In addition to the popularity and status as its exploratory theme, Sue Ann seemed to enjoy the status as a cool-looking mom like other teenagers. She invited them all to get drunk in her basement home. Yeah, it’s not weird if a stranger you don’t know suddenly invites you to come to their home. You don’t know what the reason is but everyone has certain reasons. Regardless of which, the only good thing about this movie was Octavia Spencer, making emotional changes in a horror context.

It’s a Rated R movie but the movie isn’t so clear why this movie wants to be in the PG-13. Although like that, there is nothing to do with the rating or any else because you can see blood and blood especially for the last part I think. Octavia Spencer, at first, was a desperate woman, needed help, had a backstory for why she turned into a psycho. When she jokes, the other teens don’t really understand her sense of humor. It seems like she is just offended by millennial’s jokes, but they also play with them.

Octavia Spencer is a good character study, has potential, but lacks material. Her characters are easy to sympathize and vice versa. She appeared like a terror but she was just jealous of the teens and flashback. She has an agenda, not only being a psycho in the third act but Spencer is great in this movie. It really has its psychological effect on its audience. There is no reason why we feel sorry or why we were annoyed with her character. Her scope of character is really broad, really upside down, but this is the drawback of this film as well. Aside from focusing on Spencer’s characters, the protagonist and other characters don’t have enough material.

The movie only explores Sue Ann in a one-dimensional way, without any point of view, but just one. Therefore, the movie never keeps its tone and focus on whom exactly it’s trying to tell. There is a parallel about teenage characters other than Sue Ann. The flashback really has no effect on whatsoever stories, other than just triggering the event and why. In the final act, everything connects to each other but we just never get a result.

The protagonist, Diana Silvers as Maggie, has just moved to town and is trying to find friends in her new school. Maggie is just an innocent girl, besides never doing what other teenagers do, she is just introverted. But, the film only requires a biased view of Maggie so that we more easily sympathize with the protagonist, not the antagonist. I just thought why besides her plot with her mother and other sub-plots never work. All of them, except Sue Ann, never shown a dramatic side. We must sympathize with the protagonist and vice versa, the antagonist. However, the movie never understood why all of these existed in the first place. All were messed up and lose a certain focus.

The story tackles an issue of revenge about Sue Ann; or maybe never believe in a stranger, right? Is this about reunions, adults, about the people around us reminiscing again with their school life? I just wonder why Sue Ann paints the black guy face with white color. I mean, okay, I guess? Is this about an absence where we have to have a sacrifice in a group? Except, this movie doesn’t know where to play, preferring to play in the playground, rather than the extreme zone or the dark zone. I mean, it’s a Rated R movie. Why not?

There is some part I don’t know but whether I should feel scared or laugh. In a serious moment, I laugh and vice versa. Indeed, this movie has its own potential, especially this is horror and Octavia Spencer as a psychopath. And like that, the movie was gone. Narration only wants to discuss all this but never focuses on one place. Instead, it’s just moving around constantly. “Ma” doesn’t flow naturally and doesn’t have enough material to discuss what this film really was.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

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