Home Alone 3 (1997) – Not Ready for More

It’s really weird to put simply this was another series of “Home Alone“. The first one is good and the second one, “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” is good as well. While the second movie was just a recreated from the first one, “Home Alone 3” is different. This isn’t a sequel, not a spin-off or anything, this is just “Home Alone 3”. This film has no relationship from the first movie and the second movie. Instead of McCallisters, this is the Pruitt family, whoever they are but who knows.

With the first two minutes into the plot, am I watching “Men in Black” or “Die Hard”? Hell, four intelligence agents were dealing with a kid who was responsible with a million dollars of computer chips. The kid puts the chip into his toy car. Lately, the four villain tries to retrieve the chip after it has been switched at the airport.

Honestly, I don’t know why Roger Ebert loves this film. He hates the first and second movie so why does he like this film? He also really, really hates Macaulay Culkin and adores Alex D. Linz in this movie. I mean, I don’t understand how but it’s just subjective opinion. It could be, Ebert wrote the review while drunk. No one knows.

Anyway, what exactly is in “Home Alone 3”? Between adult and kid, we really enjoyed this movie that it’s even better than the first and second movie. Yet, Alex D. Linz wasn’t Macaulay Culkin. Regardless of another breaking point, he managed to show a nice performance, unlike other child actors. He isn’t really annoying and pretty smart as well. He kicks these idiot agents include three men and a woman yet it’s quite good actually when they put the woman also as a villain role. They have a lot of things to do after this movie.

The story doesn’t make much sense. If you really talk about how bad Kevin parents left their children twice, in contrast to this film. By the way, there was Scarlett Johansson also in this film. Alex’s mother always leaves her kid many times, never realizing her son was in danger. Even the police didn’t realize what exactly this kid was holding. No one believes it, no one can be trusted, no one can believe how bad this movie was. The set also doesn’t take place on Christmas while the first two movies take place on it.

How do I say about this movie? There are walkie talkies, computer programs, surveillance vans, mice, telescopes, and other objects. This is just another broken formula but more added its own things like a men-in-black trying to catch a kid. Never expect intelligence agents like in blockbuster films or mainstream secret agents in general. They fall on every last trap, after they wake up, they fall again, up and down again, over and over, keep repeating until the film ends.

The traps even kind of horror, jarring, and put so much pain on its characters. Slapstick jokes are even more painful than funny. On the other hand, there is a family-friendly trap like floored down through floors, a flower pot, doused with a hose of cold water, and just call it anything. It’s kind of natural actually when all of these traps don’t use too many special effects. So, almost all of these stunts and traps were natural.

“Home Alone 3” doesn’t have any relationship with “Home Alone” yet instead, this is just another recycled and recreated to the first two movies. The plot is similar to the original, no additions at all, and others. We actually got lots of villains here at least four of them. This movie doesn’t offer anything, other than it’s just another thing you want to say. You really enjoy it as a kid. Yeah, that’s just another cheap reason to say about this movie. Just watch the original. But, if you want to watch it with your family, this is really recommended for you.

2 out of 5 stars.

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