Brightburn (2019) – Evil Meets Superhero

Say what about this movie, say anything about this movie, just say it like Superman but psycho, Superman but whatever. The matter of wishing, we all know what would happen if only, if only Superman was a villain. What about Lex Luthor, what if Lex Luthor is the superhero? Imagination is everything but this movie is not everything. We always try something new, something others never find than what already exists. But, when all these things were there, we can also modify them again. Remember, be inspired, don’t copy.

“Brightburn” is a unique movie, a creative imagination what if a superhero falls into a distant light. It’s more what if, in this universe, Luke Skywalker managed to bring his father, Darth Vader, turn into a light side. What if otherwise? Namely, what if Kent couple adopted a super evil alien baby instead of being kind? What if in the universe, superhero movies never existed? Maybe, it’s truly impossible.

For Elizabeth Banks as Tori Breyer, hope is everything. Tori and her husband, David Denman as Kyle Breyer, have just one hope. They only beg for a blessed child. The first opening sequence shows a highlight of the books, understands how they could get the results. By coincidence, a meteor is an answer. Containing a baby boy, Tori and her husband raise the child under the name Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn).

This movie is like a coming-of-age or puberty phase of a child if we look at it from the perspective of aliens, other creatures, or something else. Brandon showed the terrible signs and unusual traits no other child has. One by one, people around Brandon began to get a disaster. With all of this happening, it just has one answer: a meteor. Brandon knows exactly what purpose he came to Earth for.

“Brightburn” is a horror, action, and science fiction movie initially has a lot of potential besides having its own uniqueness. This uniqueness is what makes this film different from other superhero films. The gore is just nuts. You see broken limbs, blood scenes, a jaw-dropping in one of its characters, all the red colors accustom on the screen. The story doesn’t have the time to convey the essence of this film was. In essence, we never really know why.

The movie began to show its weakness besides having many styles including a horror film, not a lot of storytelling. There is no idea of what the true motive of Brandon is and what this meteor actually is. It’s like this movie is for a 12-year-old edgy kid, hoping if only he could kill his parents and friends. The ending also is a pretty sequel bait, without any superheroes or other overpower characters besides Brandon. He is just some kid who really is a monster. On the other hand, his parents adopted him.

There isn’t really much action in this movie, considering if you throw away the main concept of the superhero, you get a mainstream horror film. There is not much to do in this movie, besides Brandon only scares his victim and ends it with bloody execution. It’s just a surface, not too much space in expanding its scape. “Brightburn” is really a terrifying imagination about superheroes or at least superhuman. The movie would be better if they further deepen the clear motive of the protagonist. If only like that, this film is a character study as well. If only.

David Yarovesky, besides focusing on the main concept of the protagonist as a psychopath, has a heavy reliance on editing and visual effects. I really like the costume of Brandon wore, although it seems simple, it’s what I like. Regardless of which, the lighting and the visual effect is really good at this point. The score is just generic mainstream music from mainstream horror movies you can get like jumpscare but with explosions and action. While the movie tries to break its cliche, the movie itself is just such as well.

Tori, regardless of the great performance from Elizabeth Banks, did nothing but look for gaps. She went through a lot of complex issues and this film, on the other hand, had drama elements about maturity and family. Mostly, it’s not like that because this is a horror science fiction actually. On the other hand, Brandon isn’t really an anti-hero. He is just like a “bad person born from an outcast of a good person” trope. We never invite sympathy except for the first act but you will find out if you get to the third act. It’s like this film lying to the audience and lying to the film itself too.

“Brightburn” became a film with a lot of potentials, interestingly, but I still enjoyed. It’s like I want to watch an action or an explosion, not some complexity or in-depth character. However, it doesn’t change the facts if the film itself also doesn’t understand what exactly it wants to offer besides action and horror. In some part, the movie has a sad tone between Brandon and his parents, how his parents make the right decision in caring for their kid. Yeah, what exactly is the movie even to say. If the real motive of Brandon himself is wanting to rule the world, why doesn’t he rule the world then? Between good or evil, he is just one-dimensional character, pure evil, yet still, he is nothing.

“Brightburn” has a lot of potentials to become an original superhero film, interestingly, but the film itself is not aware of its own premise. On the other hand, this is an R-Rated movie, really hard to find a villain superhero film with gore other than “Deadpool” or any else. The combination of horror and action is actually not the first time but this film has its own style. Visually, this is a great movie. However, there isn’t enough space, no continuity, no development in its characters, and so on. Well, I still but enjoy this film because it’s a dreamy-wet edgy kid.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

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