C³ (Fall 2011) – Doomed

Okay, I never thought this anime would adopt the Stanley Kubrick name into a weeb thing. But, the story reminds me of something I don’t want to remember anymore but I just really think of it. Actually, it’s not. It’s an harem-almost ecchi anime you probably love it. It’s about Haruaki Yachi (Yuki Kaji), a high school boy who doesn’t seem really have anything special. You can count this show as a troll, like a slap in your face but the cover doesn’t really expect anything; even I don’t want to if this is a psychology anime.

Anyway, the twist came when Haruaki’s father left a “cube” if you called it which. But, guess what? It’s a young silver-haired girl who seems to call herself “Fear in Cube” or mostly because people call her that. Fear (Yukari Tamura) has a maze of dark flashback when everyone always used her as a “tool” for murder or torture. Her arrival changed Haruaki’s life, maybe, so he tried to cure a curse on Fear. So, began a story about Haruaki trying to protect Fear.

I mean, it’s just okay. The story is just dragging you long into whatsoever where I also don’t really understand why. There is Konoha (Minori Chihara) as Haruaki’s childhood friend, so original, but turns out, she is also a tool. There is Kirika (Eri Kitamura) as Haruaki’s classroom mate who turns out is a tool as well. One question arose in my mind. Is the author of this show a fan of Maynard James Keenan? I hope that this show also mentions a lot of Tool songs such as The Pot, Schism, Sober, Hooker with a… oh, never mind.

There isn’t much to say about this show if only the ending is a sequel baiting. I guess this show will continue after that too, but it’s already been eight years. I don’t think anyone wants to direct a sequel from the light novel; or does it? While the art didn’t really catch a lot of my attention, I can’t believe Shin Oonuma was the director of this show. The show does have a few Shaft elements I think. The tone kinds of dark but there are still charming moments. Most of the show consists of three arcs namely from each heroine, although it also has an antagonist from each art, didn’t really have to answer all of the questions.

Yet, what do I expect? The art, the animation, the design characters, all of them are just average regardless of an added point for lots of blood. The voice actor, the soundtrack, really, are just average things to come with. Characters often have two personalities, at the very least, like for example Fear Kubrick. In addition, in some sequences, the same for Konoha. But, I don’t really expect Haruaki Yachi’s as your typical harem protagonist. Besides, I didn’t expect anything from why Fear Kubrick was in the first place. Why does Haruaki have the power to heal a curse? I do not know.

Come think of it, I just realized that this is also a mystery anime, even though this anime doesn’t really know such genre. But why did I just realize? Most of the characters, besides generic and pointless, often came and went. They didn’t really have anything to put into the story and I think, this is also a psychology show. The mystery element came where the main character’s situation is in the antagonist’s game. It’s just the dialogue, it’s so dull they always give you a not-so-subtle hint, they give you questions, but they just give you a vague conclusion.

Of course, trying to nitpick typical anime like this will take hours but I don’t want to do it. I just wonder why we can think more modern in the modern era, I mean, in this post-modern era. Definitely, “C³” is an eye-candy so-called “philosophical” show or the show just think of too much.

3 out of 5 stars.

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