Parasite (2019) – Misplaced Familyhood

Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” deserved more than Palme D’Or. After getting 8 minutes of a standing ovation in Cannes, this movie was just more than an award. But, I’m grateful to finally be able to watch this film and this is probably one of the best and insane movies in 2019. There is so much to talk about this movie, not just about Marxism, class consciousness, and social hierarchy, but more than a symbolism. The genius doesn’t prove we become bourgeois, but neither does proletariat. There is a tradeoff between the two and in the satire comedy thriller drama, Joon-ho takes us into the depressing picture of a social class.

The parasite here is a poor family, the family of Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho). In this family, they don’t have jobs and they are all unemployed. They only live in utilizing a small situation especially folding up pizza boxes and looking for free wi-fi. They live in a house full of insects but their smell’s so “fishy”. Located almost in an underground, from the window, they always see the dirty side of humans. They struggle but they struggle without knowing what they stand for and they don’t struggle in the right way.

The only thing they have is Chung-sook’s (Jang Hye-jin), Ki-taek’s wife, athlete medal. However, it’s only the past. The daughter, Ki-jung (Park So-dam), is talented in the arts. The son, Ki-woo (Choi Woo-sik), is talented in English, same as the university level even though he dropped out in college. Initially, they just live their lives as they are until one of Ki-woo’s friends offers a job. He offered to replace his friend as a private teacher in a rich family’s home. With all the tricks, Ki-taek’s family tried to control this rich family.

Bong Joon-ho always pokes issues about social class and hierarchy like one in “Snowpiercer, about a ruler’s fight for prosperity. In “Parasite”, Joon-ho places his audience in a unique but unusual circumstance. We try to move and also struggle to “sneak” and “alight” in the fertile flower. A detailed sequence shows the plan of deception so that this poor family is able to control the rich family. However, there is no root in this movie. Instead, we laugh at the richness of a rich family with this poor family. “Parasite” makes a serious incident into a funny yet ridiculous situation.

“Parasite” is not just a home invasion film but there is a lot of symbolism and satire both in society and country. Like for example the life of Ki-taek’s family, no more than poor families but the world has never looked at them. They are only more concerned with status, social class, and wealth compared to poor communities. The film is terrorizing its genre in horror, not just about socialism yet about people. The ladder is a strong symbolism, where the Ki-taek family may temporarily enjoy rich family wealth. When they go down a ladder, it’s not separated from the fact they still remain as a poor family.

This movie is like a rollercoaster, you want to breathe but you can’t. This is a sad experience. Seeing the Ki-taek family and other families is a suspense of the main plot. In fact, back again to a stereotypical of the rich and the poor. Poor people can be geniuses but not rich people. Conversely, rich people can have all but not for the poor. The house is a temporary place where you want to look after and care for but makes you feel comfortable about the house.

Not on intelligence but on chance. There are up and down, good and bad. But, this movie combines all of these so it’s difficult to know which ones are worthy of pity. There are just unworthy characters, jumping up one flight of stairs to another, trying to find a way up but it’s so easy to fall. Business and work aren’t shortcuts but in order to be successful, live prosperously, and become rich, there is a process. And finally, the characters in this film fail to keep their “ladder” each. All of the characters are free, as well as actors and actresses, whether a dialogue is on their expression, we really stand and easy to understand.

The acting, the camera, the tone, the symbolism, the case for this movie is just everything and I still think about it when the end-credit appears. At first, you laugh but then, between feeling sorry and sad. Bong Joon-ho presents an idea that’s easy to understand. “Parasite” is fantastic in terms of criticism, messages, plot, tone, performance, score, etc., deserved more than anything. This is a “fun” movie.

5 out of 5 stars.

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