Minority Report (2002) – You Can’t Hide

Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” is about predestination. In a world where crime is no longer exist, Pre-Crime exists as a hero. It’s a department, preventing crime and murder before the allotted time. Max von Sydow as Lamar Burgess is the current mastermind of the department. He is able to detect criminal acts, arrest the perpetrators before they have the chance to commit their actions. Tom Cruise as John Anderton, a chief, tasked with mapping the location of the event with the help of a Pre-Cog.

Pre-Cog is the fortune teller and a brain as well. They are Samantha Morton as Agatha, the genius and the most powerful, Arthur and Dashiell. Therefore, there are no more criminals. Pre-Crime successfully reduces crime rates. However, there is an external conflict between John and Colin Farrell as Danny Witwer, the FBI agent. They tried to inspect the Pre-Crime headquarters and saw defects in the department.

The mystery starts to emerge. Agatha began to see something strange in her memory. John goes to the Department of Containment, a prison-like for criminals. Strangely, there is no clear information. An archive and video evidence of the perpetrator is missing. Shortly thereafter, John, unconsciously, becomes the murderer in the next 36 hours. He is the mastermind behind the death of Mike Binder as Leo Crow but doesn’t recognize who he really is. Not wanting to be caught, John tried to run away and hide but there was no place to hide for him.

“Minority Report” is not about how to describe a future or sophisticated technology. Instead, it’s about John Anderton against the world, the world is the antagonist in this movie. So, if you consider the technology in this film cheesy, you have to think again because this is Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is the master of blockbuster and science fiction, not exaggerated. People really know well his name after “Jaws”, respectively with “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial “, and “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”.

“Minority Report” is a fantastic movie in terms of action and ideas, in terms of suspense and emotion, and in terms of quality and performance. Sci-fi probably is one of my least favorite genres but I really love this movie since I was in school. The movie is about a glitch. But, Pre-Cog is always right and never wrong. When looking at how Pre-Crime works, it’s just magnificent yet creepy how this tech broke a destiny and creates an alternative future. Because we never know how our choices and our future would be. Just like the first opening scene, the killer isn’t really guilty. Yet, it really questions our morality as a human being.

Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, the movie centers on Anderton, trying to find his “predetermination” but also trying to prove that he is innocent. He isn’t a murderer and criminal, often say a word that he will never kill anyone. Yet, he never knew that the person he was going to kill in the future was the key. There is Agatha as one of the Pre-Cogs. She seems to be trying to convince Anderton if he can’t find out a path. But, it’s just his “predestination” in order to prove it.

This movie has so many memorable sequences, like the mall scene, just one little tiny mistake then this movie is over. The choreography, the timing, the tone, everything in all of the sequence is just amazing. I love the Sonic Gun sequence when Anderton tried to escape the hunter and FBI pursuit, I was just gaping. The spiders’ scene where all of them try to find and check the whereabouts of the house. There is a comedy, in fact, there is a lot of humor in this movie as well. It takes Spielberg style because this is his movie. The camera moves in an astonishing way.

Science fiction, in this modern era, I think its meaning is increasingly shifting. We really think the genre is about technology, visual effects, and CGI. Not for these movies because this is an idea with action. There is so many suspense but I also prefer this film as a unique film-noir. The setting takes place in a contemporary world but there is a modern tech like the Lexus futuristic car. Pre-Cog is a sophisticated astrologer scanning, unusual scenery. It’s quite predicting how Kinect technology also exists in this film. Kinds of horror if you think.

In Pre-Crime, there is no perfection. There are a defect and glitch. Everybody in this movie has “disabilities” both John and Pre-Cog. Yet, there will never be a world without criminals. If a crime doesn’t exist, then automatically, there will never be morality. We don’t even need to listen to the criminal. Because we never know what reason they do it. Just like Pre-Crime, doesn’t provide a biased perspective for the criminal. It’s just sad but I don’t fully support the bad side. “Minority Report” really reminds me how great science fiction was, a fun movie, an entertaining movie, a complex movie but it’s really worth it.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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