Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) – Yikes!

In one of the interviews, Chris Columbus said: the sequel is just a copycat from the first movie. Not to mention, he really pissed off this movie because, after this movie, there was a ton of people who want to direct the sequel. And they will still use the same format. Just like that, this movie hits another kid with such dreamy wet, nostalgic moments, and holiday Christmas movie. Yeah, another one, another one, and another one. Just please tell me there is no sequel to this movie. Or did they? Yeah, I dare to be honest if “Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House” was my favorite. There is a reason, I love the series because of the remote house featured-thing.

Yeah, it’s just a family movie. So, how could it go wrong? There was nothing wrong in this case. But, they just keep making this. The story still begins with the same plot, the same mistakes, the same character, and the same coincidence. Because, it’s a cartoon-violence movie, a slapstick movie. Two idiots tried to catch Macaulay Culkin as Kevin again after stuck in New York. I don’t think I need to explain because the entire title shows everything. Anyway, we really know the deal. They never felt pain. They tried to get up again. But, they still able and wanted to kill this child.

As its word, the movie repeats the entire formula. Just like Roger Ebert, was really pissed off in the first movie and now the second movie. The story follows Kevin’s family, you guessed it, make the same mistake. Instead of Kevin getting to the plane to Miami, he goes to New York. Once again, he was very happy with that because all his family was again ostracizing and oppressing Kevin. (laugh in a sarcastic way) And top of that, he uses his dad’s credit card to be able to buy what he wants. He booked a hotel, bought this, bought that and others. And, I’m also quite interested in this film because there is an interesting cameo. Even though I don’t want to say who, I think we all know.

Anyway, there is a homeless pigeon lady played by Brenda Fricker which is the same minor character as in the first series. On the other hand, there are Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, again, plan to rob a shop and… we really know the story, alright? The kid was a very, very genius, even to run in a metropolitan city like New York just like a large yet narrow city.

But, we don’t really have two idiots as the antagonist. We got the hotel staff, where Kevin lives, and they also, for whatever reason, tried to catch this child. Does this film include like… like… just, forget it! Yeah, I know the reason why they want it so much, I mean, they really want to catch Kevin besides a little boy who ordered hotels using his father’s credit card.

So, is this a worthy movie? Of course, I mean, of course, yes. It’s a great movie. There is a film where I can watch it repeatedly but also suddenly doesn’t want to access it. You don’t even need to buy on BluRay or at least a DVD to watch this movie because every holiday, this movie always airs on television. So, the question is, would I make a reality check in this case? Probably because “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” is a kids movie, a movie for kids.

3 out of 5 stars.

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