Domestic Girlfriend (Winter 2019) – First Time?

We finally have been here since Incest sits on the highest throne in the world. We got “Kissxsis”, “Yosuga no Sora”, “Oreimo”, and “Eromanga Sensei”. In this modern era, future, and humankind has developed more advanced technology, just no coincidence we got many shows like this. So, the premise of the thing about “Domestic Girlfriend” is sex, remarried, incidentally, the pentagram love, and the wincest. After I thought how spicy and how reckless this anime was, I never knew. I never knew the reason why. Just, what’s with this world? Has the horsemen of the apocalypse come down to earth? Are we in a judgment day?

Honestly, I read the manga. The art is pretty good but the story, kind, is just okay I think. So, are coincidence and destiny the most powerful character in this anime? The answer is yes. The fact Natsuo decided to make love with a strange girl he didn’t really know, Rui, was just mindblowing. In fact, she became his own sister and still step never forgetting what their first sex experience was. Worse, Natsuo fell in love with a teacher at his school, Hina, but was coincidental, he was his step-sibling as well. Hallelujah!

It’s the best thing to summarize how great “Domestic Girlfriend”. Sadly, I’m so interested in how the adaptation of the manga from this anime will be very interesting. If only Diomedea could execute it seriously maybe, but they thought that this was just another Sweet Home Alabama. The plot starts with an interesting complicated drama story, about Natsuo’s father who wants to remarry again. Throughout the story, the most thing I took was good, the relationship between this family. I really love it.

But, I also can’t blame Natsuo, can’t blame his feelings, and can’t blame a fact that already exists. Regret is everything and they are eating them. There is ambiguity in himself, a sensitive guy who lacks any experience in love. However, he is the most scumbag, I mean, the luckiest man ever. He gets a lot of harems besides Hina and Rui because he is just so busy to bang with another girl. God, I wish that were me.

Natsuo never realized this was a scum wish, besides relationships between siblings, but also the relationship between a teacher and student. I think we got a lot of anime about the romance between aging gaps. But, why is this so matters? This anime has vague drama between characters you don’t really expect anything with. The transitions often move from one to another character. While Natsuo is banging with Rui and then Hina, he comes across in two choices. But also, it didn’t change the fact that both were very, very, very fond of Natsuo not as a half-sibling.

This anime is controversy, like all anime about incest or whatever, I don’t really see that. I respect one with another character and also like the choices taken by the main characters and heroines. The first arc kind of caught me up because we get a story about infidelity, an adult romance. But, after that, we don’t really get many other arcs besides Momo, the girl with green hair (I forgot her name), and Natsuo’s dream who wants to be a writer. I mean, we also got a gray romance between Natsuo and Rui as well as a love triangle between them. Is this another classic soap opera; but more explicit and have consequences?

But, there is a feeling, a feeling you are very difficult to describe and vent it. That feeling is curiosity. For some reason, we all seem trapped in the same spider web. We break the rule of feeling and love, aren’t we? The 12 episodes didn’t really give a clear conclusion. It was even very difficult for “Domestic Girlfriend”, the adaptation, to be able to capture all of the magic in the manga. I’m not really attached to all of these characters except Natsuo who is very fond of Japanese literature. I kind of relate and understand his feelings.

Speaking of this anime, I have a lot of guilty pleasure for anime but also if I want to talk about it, it might be a thesis. But, I also don’t feel this is one of them because I realized that I was watching this anime. Yet, there is an uncensored version and even one episode of a sex scene. Do I want to watch it again as a reference? Maybe me, or everyone, are so hypocritical. Maybe. The only great thing, to be fair, I really rooted in this anime is the opening theme song. God, I’m freaking love the opening theme song even if the whole show is able to describe it through the visual, maybe there was something wrong.

“Domestic Girlfriend” isn’t an easy experience or an interesting recommendation for some people even if you come across since. There is potential in this show, the story, the character, and the drama. The character is just a weak direction, just not really worthy. Just no, this is not a happy show or any soap opera. This is just an anime; with too much spicy on its ice cream.

1.5 out of 5 stars.

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