Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980) – The Saga Continues…

“Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” is one of the most favorable series in all of “Star Wars” series. In addition, it’s one of the greatest plot twists ever in cinema history, together with “The Sixth Sense”, “The Usual Suspects“, and “Primal Fear”. After its release in 1980, this series spreads to reach a great achievement back in the fifth installment. George Lucas didn’t sit on the director’s chair this time. Instead, Irvin Kershner was the director, put its sequenced into a higher level. As one of the most favorable, it’s one of the most emotional and psychological effects from the whole series. It shows a lot of brilliant yet epic story, the characters, the visual effect, the score, etc.

“The Empire Strikes Back” hits you more than any of the series. This takes the cake when compared it with other series. This movie changes Hollywood and film forever. At the time, the audience doesn’t know anything a lot about this second series from the original. They just like not knowing anything, don’t know who Anakin Skywalker was. More importantly, why should it end like this? This movie is more like Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. Both of the movies have the same concept: the villain win, not the hero. I can imagine how they feel like: what does this mean? If you watch it from the prequel trilogy, there was no ambiguity in this situation. But, back then, this is the only original.

The first opening scene opens up with a surprise attack from the rebel army. This scene is spectacles, the execution, the visual effects, synchronically with John Williams‘ epic score. It just feels one of the greatest scenes in the whole trilogy. There are so many memorable scenes in this one, besides the plot twist between Luke and Vader. There is a dogfight scene with Han Solo and friends where they must evade so many asteroids. A psychology training at the Dagobah forest, Yoda is the trainer at this scene. A well-development relationship between Han Solo and Princess Leia. This movie is also divided into two segments: there is Luke and Han Solo.

“The Empire Strikes Back” not only tells about Luke but also deepens the character of Han Solo. Still, there is his great sidekick buddy, Chewbacca, and one of the most emotional scenes in the climax. This movie fills you with such fulfillment, the memorable scenes such as: “No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.” and “That is why you fail.” A simple sentence with a lot of meaning. We care about and rooting these characters, especially Luke almost fell into the dark side. He seeing his foreshadowing being in the Darth Vader side. Yoda isn’t really annoying, in several aspects, but an unpredictable guy.

This movie, besides Luke and Solo, explores more about Darth Vader and his true motives. He is no longer a vivid character and a gimmick. His character is more clear when the show is overpowered by strength to Luke, making Luke can’t and doesn’t deserve to beat Vader. Emotion submerged itself when it came to the reveal scene. The final confrontation, the one-on-one lightsaber final fight, one of the most brilliant scenes. Not only about strength with choreography, but they also put their life at its stakes. There is psychology on it, idealism, and over-realism, blue and red, yin and yang. Luke could be able to protect all his friends from any threats. But, in fact, he failed at this point.

“Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” back with new elements, new backlash, new development, and one of the most favorable. Not only George Lucas, but John Williams’ score is also so great, a great composition on all of the themes on its characters. A great achievement from the director, Irvin Kershner, and a tribute. At least you can see Luke and Leia kiss in this movie, probably, it makes you cringe because, you know the story, alright?

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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