Home Alone (1990) – A Without-family Comedy Movie

The popularity of Chris Columbus‘ “Home Alone” beats everything. When talking about a family comedy movie without-family and home invasion, no one can deny a fact that this is a cult-classic. At the same time, Macaulay Culkin became very famous after this film. At the moment before Christmas and New Year, the film is played very often. Indeed it was made and released according to such moment, wishful thinking it has family values.

John Hughes is a special filmmaker in teen drama films in the ’80s. While Chris Columbus previously directed “Mrs. Doubtfire”, starring Robin Williams. This film became the 5th best-selling comedy film at the top of the box office. After that, then “The Hangover Part II” beat it. In addition to launching Culkin’s name as a child actor, this film spawned so many rip-offs and sequel with the same theme. With no coincidence or not, I don’t want to start it.

I know the story, you know the story, and we all know the story. Tells about Macaulay Culkin as Kevin, a boy where his family accidentally left himself at home alone. After they panicked because they had woke up to catch up the flight to Europe, this is going to be nuts. Catherine O’Hara as Kevin’s mother suddenly screamed frantically on the plane, realizing Kevin was left alone at home. Which I don’t know why she suddenly remembered after counting her kids using numbers. But, Kevin cheered and enjoyed staying at home as he pleased. At night, Kevin didn’t realize there were two thieves: Joe Pesci as Harry and Daniel Stern as Marv. Two of them are lurking in his house.

I don’t know what to say but in his family, why all of his siblings and even his parents really hate Kevin? Hell, even his mother was expecting this as well. But, we all know how this works. Because on the other hand, this is a nostalgic movie. Simplicity and shallowness of the premise was nothing. At the time, we want to be Kevin. We want to feel how it feels to live alone, while two thieves try to stalk our home, and we start to plan the trap. Is that interesting? And I would bet that all children at the time imagined as Kevin did.

“Home Alone” accompanied us for years, entertaining us with a variety of elements, actions, style, comical dialogue. Although there is no basic common sense, why not? One thing that made me realize after watching this movie again was Joe Pesci. If only Martin Scorsese directed this movie, maybe he had killed Kevin for a long time. There is an oddity that Kevin isn’t seen when they are preparing everything. Besides that, Kevin actually jumped up and down with excitement like a kid who had just hoped he didn’t want to have a family at all. Is this supposed to be disturbing or charming?

The set, mostly, is in one location, a luxury house. Regardless of just being in one location, this film is a one-man show. Even though it’s only one character, the atmosphere isn’t too saturated because Kevin as a kid doesn’t make sense. He prevented the two thieves from entering his house. And one part I love about this movie is John Williams, the main excitement and emotion in this film is a comical form. We know how Culkin’s acting in this film, just looks impressive and adorable isn’t funny. But, we appreciated him.

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are just hilariously, watching it as a kid and even watching it with family as well, this film is inseparable from their situation. Both are like an antagonist with a slapstick comedy cartoon style. They both have physical and vocal matching their characters, especially Pesci himself. Stern’s flexibility with his geeky yet innocent expression really works. Pesci is like a brain and Stern is like a shoulder. So unite becomes one of the most stupid characters in this film.

“Home Alone” is a fresh family comedy entertainment, with a Christmas spirit accompaniment, a family relationship, and an inner conflict of misunderstanding. Actually, all of those became an important point in this film. The blanket of heroism in the character of a kid in the face of thieves doesn’t match anything. And of course, it’s not a story at all. It’s a movie, a nostalgic movie.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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