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Angry Video Game Nerd a.k.a. AVGN is a cranky video game reviewer. He has a legacy on the internet, a historical record and is one of the people who witnessed everything. And therefore, for decades, James Rolfe expands his legacy into a full feature movie. For the benefit of an international network, he and the crew began all of the production quality, becoming one of the most ambitious projects of Rolfe himself.

In his character as Angry Video Game Nerd, he just has one mission: to record himself criticizing while angry about so many bad games. However, in this way, he tried to keep many people from playing the game. In fact, many people don’t care about it. Yet, there is one thing it really disturbs him both as a character and as James Rolfe. He would never review, at all, the worst game ever: Atari’s “E.T.” Known for one of the reasons for video games crashed, it traumatized his childhood. It was a failure of a thousand games, disposed of in a New Mexico landfill because of the badness.

In his refusal to review the game, Sarah Glendening as Mandi, the Cockburn Gaming company, approached him. He said there was a rumor about a new release on “Eee Tee 2”. Fearing this, the Nerd agreed to review Cockburn’s product for a reason. If only the company would fund an expedition into the Alamogordo dump, he could dig up the myth of the “E.T.” Together with Mandi and his sidekick, Jeremy Suarez as Cooper, the Nerd sets out adventure to save his fans and will review the game at the end.

This movie was proudly funded by all fans in the worldwide, showcases the movie into theaters. Yet, the amateurish acting like Rolfe as AVGN doesn’t change the fact that this is a B-movie. The visual effect and the camera, there is nothing great than an exaggerated style like his web series. As a fan of AVGN too, until now, I still follow Cinemassacre. Rolf’s review is still really hilariously to watch. He combined all kinds of rants in the video game he had once hated. Although some people hate it because of using the same style, same jokes, and everything, it’s just a character to himself.

The movie sharing similarities between “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and of course “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” as the device and reference. The antagonist reminds me of “Dr. Strangelove” but more way goofy than Peter Sellers‘ Dr. Strangelove. He reaches his cult status as an internet celebrity, although it’s very difficult to say James Rolfe as sensational. It’s more like a character, on the internet, he makes sh*t jokes and rant to the bad video games. It featured a lot of cameos as well such as Lloyd Kaufman and Howard Scott Warshaw, the original Atari programmer.

If you really stick with how AVGN’s character, this movie is like the web series, recycles the same format. There is a pattern, Rolfe uses the same humor in all of his old videos. Regardless of which, this is a hard movie for not an AVGN fan including maybe also for AVGN fans. This movie is goofy, nuts, balls everywhere, and etc. The villain and the protagonist are both lame because we don’t really have a clear tension and motive. They are just goofballs, playing with each other and finally, we can see AVGN finally reviewed “E.T.”

I respect James Rolfe as a filmmaker, including when he talked about his dream of wanting to become a famous director like Steven Spielberg. However, he actually succeeded and we can’t deny it. In a few decades, James Rolfe managed to prove he could and also owned his own production house, Cinemassacre, where also I still followed him. “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie” creates an epitome and legacy from James Rolfe himself, successfully reaching everything into a full-feature movie.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

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