Suicide Squad (2016) – We Need This Bad

Enchantress: “Yes, child. You need only bow and serve beneath my feet”. Harley Quinn: “I like what you’re selling, lady. There’s just one problem. You messed with my friends!” Yes, my dear friend. That’s one of the dialogues between Enchantress and Harley Quinn. It puts Billy Wilder and Aaron Sorkin like a baby who wrote so many childish screenwriters. Especially, when Harley Quinn said that she messed with her friends, that’s just too long to talk about this movie.

The first time when I saw the trailer, I was just like: “Is that Twenty One Pilots song? I can’t wait to see this movie”. My entire expectation was too high. I was expecting this group of villains and anti-heroes to unite against evil or good with many of the ideologies I found. Yeah, romanticized bad guy or anti-hero is just a thing in this modern age. People are more sympathetic to the psychopath than the person he killed. After all, it will always be interesting to see this bad guy’s perspective of the world. What would they be like? However, “Suicide Squad” doesn’t answer the question. David Ayer only feeds his fanboys for the benefit they both get.

The story goes like this: Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is a government secret agent. She made a desperate step by forming special forces to carry out dangerous missions. Upper-class criminals fill this set with a reduction in punishment and return. They are scapegoats, without guarantee whether they are safe or not. Yeah, the title itself really told the story well.

As soon as the team goes together, Weller makes a mistake. As a guarantee for herself, she intends to control their Free Will entity so they don’t run away. On the other hand, she also accidentally released Enchantress. This arrogance finally began to awaken Weller but Suicide Squad didn’t seem to care. Together, they made a light pole with a vortex in the middle of the city. Suicide Squad carried out this first suicide mission. There was no other choice, they had to defeat Enchantress. Apparently, don’t you feel strange about this film? I think, David Ayer just watched the “Ghostbusters” series in a marathon. “Monster House” is, even more, better than this.

Harley Quinn, Diablo, Deadshot, The Joker, and many more villain. We have some fun out of this movie. Seeing criminals and anti-hero characters from different sides are indeed very interesting. They have humor and they have a great time. Apparently, that’s not what it means. Besides they did it well, all of the characters have nothing but dragged into this bad situation. Will Smith as Deadshot acts as a father, take care of love to his daughter. There is Batman which is kind of scumbag in this movie and Will Smith acts like Will Smith. It seems interesting.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is totally fine, especially she is great at casting her fanservice without doing much. She is just like crazy, edgy, quick, but the humor she makes is a bit of cringe. But, do you know what’s more than Harley Quinn? The Joker. Jared Leto received many trivial comments about The Joker as his role. 30 Seconds to Mars is the best in my opinion. He has his own “uniqueness”, such as combining 12-year-olds dark internet jokes on Twitter or Facebook and want to be edgy. Tricky and pointless, that’s how the words mean. There is nothing special even though I don’t know why he has a lot of screens compared to the other Suicide Squad. He was just a matter in this movie.

There is character recognition during the first act in the movie. But that’s editing, God. It’s like they don’t have anything but cut here and cut there. Flashback? What’s the point of this? They didn’t push these characters into their actions. They were just dragged away. Instead, if you want to tell them humanely, just tell it. Nobody forbade it unless what’s happening in the current event is the important thing. Action sequences in a very “dark” city in other means. It’s just so dark I can’t see anything even if I have to turn on the lights.

There is a plot armor when one of the helpless characters was full of wounds and soon met his death. Suddenly, he came from somewhere in good healthy states. The score, the score sucks. There is no score. It’s not even a score, it’s just your typical crap pop songs for millennial. When you hear your favorite music, your reaction will be like: “I know that song”. And they, I guarantee, will say: “I love this movie especially the score.” Wait, what? Exposition, the exposition is bad. I think this is a film about anti-hero fight against crime together. But, I was just wrong.

The third act is just a puke. Just because one person makes a mistake, starts to separate, gather at a bar, tell each other’s stories, and start acting again, that’s not the point. They are villains, they hate each other but they also sometimes help but back from the first point. They are just dragged to get a reward. In fact, it’s not like that. I think Joker is a king in DC Universe. The movie was just a mistake. Why did I have to come back here?

“Suicide Squad” is a film about a bunch of villains and anti-heroes. This film is so hard to convince that these characters have reasons why they can be involved in the underground. They are criminals, whether they do good things, they are still criminals. Deep, complex, and dark are three different words with different meanings. All of them aren’t the same. We have Killer Croc, Diablo, Deadshot, and other criminals. Whether they are proud, there is no other reason than that.

That exposition makes this film a bit cringe for analysis. In fact, it just sounds ridiculous when they call each other as “friend”. Frank Castle just needs time to be able to understand the people around him. The Joker doesn’t have humanism depends on his backstory but we agree with his ideology about criminals and society who treat each other like animals.

“Suicide Squad” has a lot of potential for unique characters but fails to explore it and expose it one by one. Just tell it, why should they try to be friendly to their audience? Is this about rating issues or not? Overwhelmed in incarnating an adventure full of crime, it’s overwhelmed by itself. Performance is spectacular but the script doesn’t support it. There was eye candy, there was fun, there was action, and there was a special thing in this movie. It’s just that they are buried deeply by a lot of sense of unimportance.

2.5 out of 5 stars.