The Shape of Water (2017) – A Connection Beyond Words

Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water” classified as a cliche movie and a cult classic in the future. At least, for me, the sentence doesn’t apply to anyone. The movie brings any awareness of the world. No interesting or extraordinary idea in this movie. Using the format of the beauty and the beast, del Toro shows a cheap element of a romance story, usually see on a bad soap opera. This is another movie and fantasy type of movie, typical del Toro used to. He gave us “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Hellboy”, and of course, “Pacific Rim”. This is the most gorgeous films of the year.

Simply put, this movie is about a woman who has sex with a fish, a black lagoon. And yes, it’s serious but it’s kind of dumb to us. This is like cheap and crappy romance fiction. I pull back, it’s more like a bad fan-fiction written by the most insane fangirling in the world. Predictable and uninteresting are the two right words in describing it.

The setting takes place in the Cold War era between the United States and the Soviet Union. Yet, the movie doesn’t feel like an era even though they show lots of classic features such as movie, cars, and sets. There is nothing to do with it. In terms of story, it seems predictable from the beginning to the end. The setting doesn’t really feel as if it’s an era. On the other hand, “The Shape of Water” is closely related to “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s a love story about a creature and a human being. You know the story and the message, love doesn’t look at class, race, and any form.

Snow White, Cinderella, and other Disney classic movie. Packed for adult and be this film. It has explicit content as it said at the premise, but this movie offers a charming and uplifting story about social issues. Against minorities and others, that’s how it is. Between two different characters, they all have one another’s a weakness. So, they meet each other. The movie isn’t really as deep as a movie about racism. It’s just related to it but can be a reference.

Sally Hawkins as Elisa Esposito is incredible. She doesn’t talk much about this but she uses gesture and sign language only. We are so sympathetic to her like we really care about her. She is like a sleeping princess. However, the Prince becomes an innocent creature. Doug Jones as this amphibious creature played as Hellboy, directed by del Toro. Regardless of its mind-blowing make-up and visual effects, it’s a lot of worthy attention.

Octavia Spencer as Zelda, not Zelda from “The Legend of Zelda” is cast this supporting depressing woman who helped Elisa a lot. Michael Shannon as the antagonist is just great. He not only plays a one-dimensional character but he is just a real character. There is Michael Stuhlbarg who uses two languages and Richard Jenkins as one of the best minor characters as well. “The Shape of Water” is a cult-classic tale with so many likable characters. The dynamic between Elisa and the creature is just amazing, no dialogue; it’s just sign and gesture. The movie has a dark tone as well especially for the use of saturation.

“The Shape of Water” is an imaginary tale about fantasy and dream, a different folk’s overhyped movie as the Best Picture. Guillermo del Toro’s visual appearance is so gorgeous. Reminds you of a lot of classic fairy tale but not for children. It’s more towards us, to adults. Like easy listening music, reminds you of a classic movie full of melodrama. This is about love. It doesn’t look, anyone. It doesn’t look at someone.

4 out of 5 stars.

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