Roman Holiday (1953) – Romance in Rome

“Roman Holiday” is a first role from Audrey Hepburn to win an Oscar. She immediately got an Oscar as her role as Princess Ann. Apart from the charisma of Hepburn as a princess, the power of this film is a journey of romance in Rome. You come to feel how free the Ann feeling like the lonely princess when she managed to escape in her “jail”. Watching this movie is like a dream where I also wonder why I keep smiling from beginning to end. And that’s how to direct a rom-com movie. Not using many love songs but this film is thick with its instrumental music and orchestras.

This is a classic movie about Princess Ann, from the middle of nowhere, is on a state trip around Europe. Arriving in Rome, the princess felt tired of the routines, rules, and strict interests she had to go through. She had long wanted to feel a normal life, unlike the “prison” house in her palace. The princess ran away one night before the doctor injected a sedative. In such drug, the princess was very “happy” while staggering at night until fall asleep on the side of the road. Finally, Gregory Peck as Joe Bradley helped her.

Joe is an American daily reporter who at first didn’t know the woman’s identity after taking her home to his room. He also did not really care about the woman but when he found out her true identity, Joe tried to take advantage of the situation. With the interests of each and guise, both of them make a full-day adventure around Rome. Joe also called his photographer friend, Eddie Albert as Irving, to take this evidence through his camera.

“Roman Holiday” is one of Hollywood’s classic titles, especially in its genre as a romantic comedy. In addition to introducing Audrey Hepburn on screen, the movie got so many Oscar nomination in ten categories. However, the film won three of these nominations. There is Audrey Hepburn as Best Actress, Dalton Trumbo as Best Writing, and Best Costume Design. The power of William Wyler’s film work lies in the magical chemistry between Hepburn and Peck. And also the charming appearance of both of them produced the best couple from a rom-com movie.

Previously, Hepburn often appeared as a supporting character or just a minor character. However, “Roman Holiday” managed to launch Audrey Hepburn’s name after that. Hepburn is so convincing but gives us a great impression. Of course, this movie is silly, unrealistic, so fantasy, and very Hollywood. On the other hand, Hepburn still shines. Her appearance as Princess Ann is also one of the best performances besides her iconic appearance in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Peck is so prime. We know his figure as Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird”, one of the best hero character ever. Even though it’s not as complex as Ann, Peck provides such special simplicity. Eddie Albert as Irving, on the other hand, also deserves credit. He acts as the most comical character in this film especially the dynamic between Peck and Albert is so fascinating.

“Roman Holiday” has many beautiful Roma shots with such an iconic dynamic between Peck and Hepburn, one of the best classic all-time romance comedy. Although this film is too silly and full of fantasy for modern society, this film is very fun. It’s like the happiness you never felt seeing two Hollywood legendary actors with super looks. This film is one of them, one of the best classic films and romance together with “Casablanca”, “Gone with the Wind”, and “The Graduate”.

4 out of 5 stars.

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