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There is no other fun thing than seeing these athletes on screen doing some wacky and entertaining things in this world. At the end of the movie, I saw their fun and togetherness while filming this movie. It’s not just about this movie that’s bad or so. But, Kyrie Irving as a writer and director for Pepsi’s “Uncle Drew” web series took his character to the big screen. It feels, seeing this basketball athlete having fun with the hall of fame, Shaquille O’Neal, and Lil Rel Howery, the guy from “Get Out” is just really making me silly. In a different sense, Irving is famous for being one of the NBA All-Stars who have great dexterity.

From my point of view, “Uncle Drew” is just a decent, mediocre, and wacky road-trip comedy movie in the style of friendship and fun. Now, judging from this, I’m indeed a basketball guy. I don’t really find special interest in soccer but I love basketball. Speaking of Irving, we understand who this is, Uncle Drew. Drew is an old-guy character who is very good at playing basketball. Not hesitating to show his agility on the street, he played against local young people who at first demeaned him. Irving cast this character in order to advertise a soda drink that’s its sponsor.

Uncle Drew is different like other ads. This web series is a short film that seems to show these parents can still perform on the basketball court. This series first appeared on the internet in 2012. Besides Irving, the ad featured many other NBA stars such as Kevin Love, Bill Russell, Nate Robinson, Ray Allen, and Maya Moore, the WNBA Star. Right in 2017, a photo of Irving dressed up as Uncle Drew spread on the internet. However, he was not alone with his old guy’s gray hair. Tagged Chris Webber, Nate Robinson, Reggie Miller, Shaquille O’Neal, and Lisa Leslie, the hall of fame for the WNBA.

And after that, this is “Uncle Drew”, directed by Charles Stone III and written by Jay Longino. The movie starts with Lil Rel Howery as Dax, a former basketball player, now a coach, who tries to build and help his team head to the Classic Rucker streetball tournament. It’s a famous tournament and the biggest in New York. However, everything has collapsed when his rival, Nick Kroll as Mookie, arrived and roasted him as a douchebag. His girlfriend as well, Tiffany Haddish as Jess, broke up. Leaving only an admonition about Uncle Drew’s whereabouts, he wanted to see who the figure was.

“Uncle Drew” focused on Dax who is trying to find the remnants of Uncle Drew’s friends and get them to reunite again. The movie comes from one of the aisles while walking around the city using a shiny orange van. Chris Webber acts as a preacher who is always dunking a baby during a baptism. Reggie Miller as Lights acts as a blind man but can drive in front of the seat. There is Nate Robinson as Boots who can only sit in wheelchair and Shaq as Big Fella, a martial arts instructor who still has flashbacks with Drew.

Dax is like a normal guy because he doesn’t understand what these old men actually do or what they are talking about. It’s like a traditional comedy with a buddy-road type of movie. Half of them was a comedy even though in some parts, I didn’t laugh. But, what I really think is interesting about “Uncle Drew” is the make-up and performance. All of the NBA casts, in addition to maintaining the stability of make-up and others, still maintain their tone and voice. They not only acted as gimmicks but with such elderly voice, they were able to pass the scene one by one. The sad thing about this movie is the script, for not too confused, this is a PG-13 movie. And, I know that.

The characters have a lot of cliches you could take. The story of the dark past and the bully archnemesis is just great. Besides that, the characters are just one-dimensional character without any development or anything. The minor character, especially Lisa Leslie, didn’t have anything impact to its story. It’s just a plot device to turn and allow the story to go straight. Erica Ash as Maya is just another romantic pointless character without any cause and effect why she can build relationships with Dax. All of the cast presents something not too special for a decent film like this. There are no excessive expectations besides this is loosely based on Uncle Drew.

“Uncle Drew” is a buddy-trip comedy movie with too much sappy to its drama but a free pass from the director and all of the crew. It keeps so much with this movie and a cheap way to sponsor a drink. Irving inspired many young-bloods in us as well as other NBA stars. Because we don’t play just because we’re old but we’re old because we stop playing. Damn, what a quote and advice. Rather be this movie doesn’t really understand what they really want.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

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