Good Will Hunting (1997) – True Perfection

“Good Will Hunting”, directed by Gus Van Sant, reminds us how fragile Robin Williams was. It just makes me speechless about how this man, besides a comedian, was just so phenomenal. This movie is about fragility in each of us. Whether they have a gift, we never realize how sad they are. The movie is not just about psychology or mathematics. However, this film is so unique because of the conversation between Sean and Matt Damon’s Will Hunting. These two characters are very touching, making me always think again about what life really means. Fragility is what makes every human being nothing perfect because we only need love and loyalty.

Will grew to be a man who couldn’t be close to other people than as an orphan who was appointed by the foster father. The absence of affection in his life shaped him to be a fairly introverted person. However, he still often hangs out with his old neighboorhood from screwing up here and there. They are also getting to know Harvard girls. Will has a job as a janitor at MIT. On the other hand, no one has ever known his habits other than being temporal. Will is a genius young man even Stellan Skarsgård as Prof. Lambeau so obsessed with Will. He wanted to impose his will so that Will would work in the field of mathematics and spread his knowledge.

Unfortunately, the professor must first fix Will’s character first. Will himself didn’t even know what life goals he wanted to achieve. Like what life he wants is a question that’s still imagined in his mind. The professor began to find a psychologist but many psychologists gave up to cure Will because of his characteristics. Professor considers that this child has a gift no one has ever had. However, he just didn’t want to waste such a gift. Will has abundant intelligence even though he reads books and studies are just for fun. A man can spend his entire life just to become a professor. Will only snap his finger but his life is tossed around and easily influenced.

Fortunately, Sean Maguire, the professor’s old friend, wanted to help him as much as possible. Unlike other psychiatrists who easily give up, Sean has a unique way to understand and enter his mind. Because Sean, Will learns a lot about the purpose of life, love, affection, and respect; vice versa. Sean always introspective after listening to Will’s statement or question. There is even so much difficulty in picking all these beautiful flowers. Will learn to not love someone just because of their perfection. Loving someone doesn’t mean seeing where they are perfect but looking for imperfections they have in order to both fill the hole. Sean also learned that what happens in life runs linearly. It shouldn’t be discouraged because this is what life is like.

The movie won a tough competition that year in Academy Awards. However, the film won two awards for Robin Williams for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for Best Writing. For most of the awards, “Titanic” is the biggest competitive compared to other films. However, “Good Will Hunting” also shows stories of love and loyalty in friendship. Affleck’s Chuckie, Will’s best friend, wants to see him succeed and not follow in his footsteps as a worker without any future. His friends know that Will has a gift and Chuckie just doesn’t want to see him waste his life. Thanks to Chuckie as well, Will believes his bright future awaits.

“Good Will Hunting” has a lot of improvisation especially Robin Williams. One of them is the Bench scene. This four-minute monologue scene is indeed not a big part of the whole film. For some reason, these four minutes are very valuable for Will and people who watched this film. The cinematography focuses solely on the Williams character. The audience began to pervade every word he said and caught all the expressions on his face. The unique things with this monologue are his motion.

The image never loses its attention, just focus on Williams without us knowing it turns out there is a Damon character on screen. Verbally, there is expression freely but the disposition is directly from his feelings. We are still focused on listening to Williams’s low, deep voice. On the other hand, Will just nodded while giving just a short answer. After that, then we see Damon in full on the screen even though the camera move away, feels uncomfortable, and speechless. Will, and of course audience, just realized yet amazed by Williams’ words. We approve all his words and leave silence and destruction in each of us.

Robin Williams is one of the phenomenal actors as comedians as well, people have known him because of charming and touching appearance. Whether he acts as a bad guy, Williams is one of the few actors who places himself in a variety of different roles. Williams is fluid, has never seen the replication of the roles he has ever brought and always has, and searches, for his motion. He was so versatile, an achievement as well as Sean in this film.

Will, on the other hand, is easy to miss, the main point of the story. The connection between Will and Lambeau-Sean has overlaps which are the triggers of Will’s future. Lambeau and Sean were old friends in college and both were geniuses. However, different characterizations and motivations distinguish between the two; nothing is wrong. Lambeau just wanted to find Will a position for his gift while Sean was more about Will’s feelings and waited for what he really wanted. In this case, the professor also unconsciously participated in this part of the circle; never realized he was the trigger for everything.

“Good Will Hunting” is very, very well known for the Robin Williams character as a psychiatrist who is also fragile inside. However, this film has one of the most scenes, the most memorable among the other scenes. It affects you more than any movie and that is the last section especially the “it’s not your fault” scene. Overall, Sean said ten times the sentence repeatedly to Will. However, this sentence makes Will’s defense mechanism or wall collapse. Will’s deepest dark place to ran away from reality just destroyed instantly because of such the sentence. That sentence melted Will’s heart towards happiness. He didn’t run away from his life and past; Sean frees Will from the forehead.

While the movie has a fairly predictable narrative, “Good Will Hunting” is about change, a change from fragility and imperfection to just human beings who need love. Indeed, I’m stupid in math but not stupid in everything. There are no fools and no idiots. That fragility seems like people are misjudging. There is a lovable and curious in us. He is smart but not smart in other fields. It makes you remember how Robin Williams and Matt Damon are so fragile. It means fear of abandonment, fear of sick, and a function in defense mechanism. This is a movie.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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