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“Flip Flappers”, in fact, should be more popular at the season. But instead, there was a lot of great yet overrated show at the season. In that season, only three anime I enjoyed were among them. They are “Yuri!!! On ICE”, “Drifters”, and “March Comes in Like a Lion“. I think this anime also seems worthy of being included in one of the amazing anime as well. Although, the rating doesn’t really affect how to explain this anime. In fact, it’s difficult for me to determine it and difficult to give fair value. But, this anime is more than a story about two cute girls who are stuck in the most ambiguous world.

At first glance, “Flip Flappers” is very simple, interesting, yet unique. I thought again, it seems like I’m not too into the story. The story seems simple. It’s about two cute girls, accidentally, meet in the real world. With such a yuri tone, Papika and Cocona embark on an adventure towards Pure Illusion. This world is a bizarre alternate dimension no one has ever known. I want to discuss it more briefly but let’s see what the plot actually is.

The story consists of various adventures between Papika and Cocona. They were initially awkward with each other, especially Cocona, but surely became closer like a couple. The story is like a slice of life show. There is no purpose at all and there is no real plot. But, what I got after that was just more than everything. It becomes complex when this anime discusses this Pure Illusion. The red thread between the current event, Pure Illusion, and backstory make it seem more complex. After all, you realize that this is not something simple for you to follow.

First, the main characters. There is just the main character in this show, as I mentioned earlier, Papika and Cocona. Cocona, at first, is just this cute high school student who is undergoing her normal life. Then, came Papika from out of nowhere was very interested. Cocona is more of a blank character, without the aim of accepting Papika’s journey together but across. On the other hand, Papika is just this cute active girl who always pulls Cocona every time. However, the story keeps getting better when the reveals came such as the mystery dream from Cocona in each episode shown at the first moment. It turns Cocona originally was an empty yet innocent character into one of the sickest. In addition, Cocona and Papika need more than friends. There is no cringe in-between both of them. It’s just enough for the uniqueness of the show.

And for the second, Pure Illusion. So, Pure Illusion is an alternate dimension where there is a common thread that connects human feelings, the past, and a piece inside them. The feeling is then formed in this dimension so that it creates a full of imagination impression. But, it’s still very difficult to explain. If you’ve ever watched “Black Rock Shooter”, you should understand about the world of Pure Illusion. However, I can describe Pure Illusion as the dimension of nowhere were when you manage to collect all the pieces, you can do anything in that dimension. Like making your own world, manipulating people’s feelings, and constructing it between the present and such imagination world.

Pure Illusion, for me, is more than just a world of imagination full of color. However, this world separates our consciousness in the real world into something we never understand. Think about “The Matrix” or another pop culture fantasy franchise. So be “Flip Flappers”. This anime also reminds me a little of “KILL La KILL” with such an amazing and spectacular animation. Studio 3Hz brought a lot of pop culture such as “Mad Max” and borrowed it from tokusatsu and anime. The backgrounds are beautiful regardless of the lack of detail but there is so much aesthetic. The design character is unique. The animation brings back an old-school style as a modern anime.

Yet, one of the things that made me feel weird about this anime is also the antagonist. I don’t know how to say it but the character design for the antagonist, the organization, is quite similar. But, it seems like I’ve seen it. The white design with such a triangle head. I don’t know but it’s just my feeling anyway.

The choreography is good and the mindblowing of Pure Illusion is also unique. In fact, you sometimes quite difficult comparing which ones are real and which ones are a dream. The soundtrack is great but the voice acting did a decent job. On the other hand, the opening theme songs really remind me of a techno dream anime which I forgot it. The ending song is quite memorable and catchy but actually explains the feeling of this duo main character.

“Flip Flappers” deserves more attention at the season than just being one of the most overlooked anime. The characters, the artwork, the soundtrack, and the story were just amazing. There is so much thing to bear with this series but it’s very difficult to explain how. The colorful inner world is actually more than just imagination. Even though you don’t really think it and it’s just another turn-your-brain-off series, it seems appropriate for the statement.

4 out of 5 stars.

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