Capote (2005) – In Cold Blood

November 15, 1959, a murder case destabilized the United States. Two perpetrators with no motive kill the whole Clutter family. When the United States was panicking, one person advanced to take advantage of this incident. He was Truman Capote, a novelist known by his one of the greatest classics of all times, “In Cold Blood”. “Capote” explores the life of Truman Capote who tried to interview and recognize the murderer closely. This biopic tells about Capote being in both situations. Will he try to save the perpetrator after knowing his real motives? On the other hand, will he use both of them for his literary work?

“In Cold Blood” is one of the best works from the author and the last. Critics and readers often refer to this book as new journalism literature, combining the writing style of journalism and literature. But, “Capote,” tells the story of the process behind the scenes. Capote finally admitted that he regretted writing this book and since then, he never wrote again. Even though he tried his best to save Clifton Collins Jr. as Perry Smith, in the end, the world knew that he deserved it.

Real evidence exists and Perry ends up in hanging law. Perry’s feelings were little hurt but regretted when he knew the title of the book written by Capote. But, as Capote said to Perry, he wanted to create a human being in his book. So that the world doesn’t know Perry Smith wasn’t a monster. At the very least, the last second of life, after Capote attended Perry’s execution, Capote felt hurt and haunted.

Bennett Miller emphasized that “Capote” is a gloomy and dark film, as the first sequence of the movie. Kansas, Holcomb city, in each frame, is always depressing. Each frame is an emotion of fear. It’s depression and fear of equity concerned. Capote is an unpredictable character. Perry Smith would end in the hanging law. Actually, as well, no one ever knew what to do next. However, from the side of his deepest heart, Capote didn’t really care. Capote sees Perry as one of the roots. The other side says that the book could change the world view.

The chemistry between Perry Smith and Truman Capote is really good. They are very close and reveal their hearts to each other. “In Cold Blood” was written in a very, very long period of time. Capote, before that, feels dead inside. Philip Seymour Hoffman is so good and unique playing Truman Capote. People always say it as one of the best Hoffman performance ever. This is like looking back at the real Capote reincarnation. His gesture, nature, the way he speaks, charismatic, and characteristic, they are all perfect. Catherine Keener as Harper Lee is really good but her character isn’t too exposed. Harper Lee always came as a plot device when Capote was in hard times. The movie only focuses on the chemistry between Capote and Perry.

“Capote” is a unique biopic ever thanks to Hoffman’s mesmerizing acting as Truman Capote, one of the greatest performance in his entire career. The movie doesn’t have anything special at first glance. The setting also took place in 1960 before “To Kill a Mockingbird”, the movie, aired in the theater.

4 out of 5 stars.

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