American Psycho (2000) – Killer Looks, Killer Inside

“American Psycho”, directed by Mary Harron, is an adaptation of a serial killing novel by Bret Easton Ellis. It’s about a psychopath, he kills a person every time he meets them just to fulfill his satisfaction. This is a cult classic, a few inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”, the similar name main characters and personality. It’s a movie about a narcissistic and nihilistic guy, doesn’t run away from its course from satire and dark comedy. Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman is the guy. He is so proud of himself but a perfect man. A few things he wants to achieve are just little details. He would take it such details even though he must kill the person. He hid his desire from the shadow of his real identity. But, we never know that people like him are always around you. No one knows.

Bateman really reminds me of the narrator from “Fight Club” He has the same character and both so attentive characters. They both always counted their entire furniture and all ownership in their apartment. Clothes, residence, etc. But, they both have a weird feeling inside themselves. They have to fix it as soon as possible. Bateman is a man whose perfect life. On the other hand, it doesn’t make him so comfortable in his apartment. He must seek a busy life to look like a rich businessman with eternal life. In a humorous way, that’s the same thing as this world. Bateman’s carries out his routine from sports and antiques he used. One thing that makes me love his character is his taste of music. He loves listening to 80s classic rock music such as Phil Collins and Huey Lewis & the News.

Bateman is a representation of envy. He is always jealous of all kinds of things his co-workers used. When he saw it because he didn’t have it, he wanted to reach it. Like a lunatic fringe, he thinks that what if he killed that person. His hobbies are weird, put dead bodies in his wardrobe, in his bathroom, and his victim’s head in the refrigerator. He just loves doing without any reason. He killed a doggy, he almost killed a cat, kill a hooker after he sex, kills a homeless, and his friends as well. But, the good things about this movie is that you can watch Bale ran away in his apartment while being naked; while wore his snares and carrying a chainsaw. It’s just so dark but so funny.

The ending opens with a lot of interpretation. Indeed, it’s not really a twist because clues aren’t really noticeable except watching it repeatedly. “American Psycho” is quite a satire movie about a fantasy. It’s about a man who needs to fulfill his desires and wants to make his own world in his imagination. As like Bateman state that no one has ever understood his story. His feelings were just mean nothing. The people around him are identical and they all pretend to join the circle. But, is it actually real or fantasy?

John Cale’s score is amazing but the music gave you the vibe. Mostly, its music was mainstream in the 80s it actually leads to the thriller moment. Regardless of the movie has many insinuations with explicit content, the actors gave their best performance. I don’t really know why Bale didn’t get a nomination for Oscar even though he played an insane douchebag character. This film reaps a lot of controversies as well as the novel. Bale’s character is so complex. He played this narcissism, envy, American Dream-like guy with such a complex nature. Yet, the movie is not for everyone.

“American Psycho”, in a nutshell, is edgy, an edgy movie. Yeah, it’s a cancer word grammatical dictionary but just for once. This film has a variety of satires in it. Thanks to Harron, there is not much explicit content, not too focused on it. Bale’s insane performance, Cale’s terrifying score, and a movie with a lot of interpretations. A solid concept explores human obsessions and passion.

4 out of 5 stars.

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